A Day in Pakistan

A Day in Pakistan

A Story by Morgan A Lynch

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 The day started as any other September morning.  The morning sun was just rising over the horizon when Airman Anderson awoke. She had already gotten use to the blazing sun that would start leaking out into the world she now calls home for the next few months. She dresses herself in the dirty uniform that she had been wearing for the past four days.  She tries not think about how filthy and grimy her hair and clothes are these days and longs for a shower.  The only thing she makes sure that are always clean are her weapon's. As she tie’s up her boots she concentrates on what she has to do today. She heaves the ninety pound pack onto her shoulders and groans under the weight.  Her 9mm handgun is strapped to her right thigh as she picks up her M-16 and swings it onto her shoulder and exits her tent.  



The ground remains wet and slippery from the night before.  The Pakistan ground oozes moisture up to the surface at night and evaporates in the heat of the day.  She climes into the military deuce and a half.  Dust covers everything.  The seats, the floor and the windows are layered with at least a quarter inch of the toast color sand.  Airman Anderson glances over at Airman Reed as he reads their orders for the day.  The orders are to pick up six Pakistan nationals and bring them back to the base for their daily work assignment. By now the heat had already made her hair drenched under her helmet.  As they reached their destination, she wipes her sweat off of her forehead and reaches for the door handle.  As her foot lands on the crusted sand the smell of tar and human waist assaults her nose. The reflection of the bright sun off the sand forces her eyes to squint.  As her eyes focus, she searches the tops of the white sand stone buildings for the Taliban and Al Qaeda guard towers.  Even though the towers where unoccupied at this time, she still remained cautious knowing at anytime a snipper could appear. 


She stands guard making sure the nationals board the truck quickly and safely.  Climbing into the truck these men were no bigger then she was, they looked frail and weak compiared to her small frame.  As they headed back to the base a huge dust cloud followed them all the way to the first checkpoint.  Here Pakistan military members  double check the laborers credentials. Also, having each one sign a form stating they are here for a job and are not affiliated with terrorist. Loading all six men back onto the truck, the dust cloud forms again. Driving down the dirt road she can feel every bump and searches for any movement in the distance. 


They finally arrive to the last and final check point. Here the nationals are to sign still another form and receive a badge to wear.  A line forms to have each man go throuhgh a metal detector.   Sweat beads on the faces of the U.S. security forces team as they begin the final process for the nationals prior to entering the U.S. military base.


As Airmen Anderson and Reed assembled the laborers for their assignments, they had to first brief the new laborers on the procedures and expectations for the job assigned to them.  This was rather routine because on a daily basis there were new laborers assigned to their detail.  The laborers were to be loaded into the back of the truck and be transported to the job site.  The loading process began.  As the third laborer lifted his leg over the tailgate and hands grasped on the back of the truck he reached with one hand and released the pin holding the tailgate in place.  The 200 pound tailgate fell with a whoosh and struck the head of the laborer standing next in line.  The sound of the tailgate hitting the head of the laborer sounded like metal hitting concrete.  The laborer crumpled to the ground.   All that Airman Anderson could do was watch helplessly as the tailgate dropped.  Blood stained the Pakistan sand where his head lay.  It seemed like an eternity before she could jump to action.  Racing to the truck, she found the first aid kit and placed a pair of medical gloves on her hands.   Running back to the injured laborer, she knelt down and placed her hands on either side of his head and held his head in place.  The sticky warm blood oozed between her fingers as she held his head together.  All at once ordered chaos erupted.  Screaming from the laborers, orders being barked from the soldiers, the sounds of guns being drawn and the call on the radio for emergency help all seemed to happen in a flash.  


Sweat dripped from Airman Anderson’s nose as she smelled the metallic scent of the blood pouring from his head.  Someone had placed a backpack under the injured laborers legs to bring them to an elevated position.  Within moments the paramedics arrived in a thundering cloud of dust and sirens.  Relief engulfed every fiber of Airman Anderson’s being at the site of the ambulance.  The paramedics relieved her and asked what had happened.  As she relayed what had occurred, the pounding in her chest had lessened and calm took over.


The ambulance left in the same cloud of dust as it had arrived, the laborer that had caused the accident was detained and Airman Anderson stood on the Pakistan sand covered in blood.  Removing the medical gloves she wiped the sweat from her forehead with the sleeve of her uniform and quietly went back to work.

© 2009 Morgan A Lynch

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A compelling narrative; with superb descriptions of the time, setting and characters. The reader is completely involved, and the ending comes rather too soon. Perhaps stretching the plot to include more information and fate of the wounded, or relating this incident with other incidents experienced by the protagonist would have enriched and made the story more wholesome.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Morgan, how the heck have you been?! This was great writing! Write me or email me its been a long time!


Posted 10 Years Ago

Very impressive

Posted 10 Years Ago

The story is powerful. When the story is non-fiction. The truth leave us with memories for a lifetime. The detail and movement of the story made the words come alive. I'm glad you are home safe and sound.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Oh yes i know how hard living in these countries..very volatile..especially now
Alkaida and the Taliban must have added a lot to the darker picture..
i had a pakstani friend when i was living abroad..he used to tell me (that was in 2001 after the attack on the two towers in New York
he told me exactly that Alkaida was stationed basically and supported by Talibans on the border between afghanstan and Pakstan
he told me those tribes were very unique and special in everything..even their body build was very enormous..they were so tall
so wide breasted and shouldered..very hard looks on their faces..and cruel looking eyes..they were absolutely fearless of nothing..
to them no earthly force could come near or even touch them in any ways..they were allies to the Alkaida for reasons well understood for some
but never ,for others..they were all moslims ,but not necessarily extremists..I think they had things in common with alkaida
so the last will always take refuge there..i dont think anyone could try to battle these tribal factions(for there is the origins of Talibans)
Afghanstan was never captured to any foreign country all over the history ,once Great britain tried ..I think there was a bloody battle
between the two..and the British lost some few thousands in that battle ..
your short piece about the Pakstani brought these info to my mind..i am still confused how the ongoing wars will end
for really it reflects on the whole world ,especially my country Iraq..
i really enjoyed the picture you painted of that land..
lovely write..

Posted 11 Years Ago

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A good write for the subject matter.
I think it was well linked up, the flow was there. I can see the writer has throught about what is being put down as there is a logical sequence to the story. What I have seen here and is often lacking in writes, is there is the story itself but entwined within the wording is the scenery, the physical movement of the person within the story and a little emotion. These three elements brought together are the best way to engage a reader as with any one of them missing, there is a flatness to the write, a dimension missing if you like.
There were little glitches here and there but if the writer took the care and patience to over read what has been laid down....then perfection will soon be achieved. The writer needs to appreciate the talent held and not abuse it with sloppy work. That is....appreciate that the reader has taken the time to visit the work and so....respect should be given both to the work and the person reading it.
Keep it up....I am sure there is a great deal to come from you yet!

Posted 11 Years Ago

WOW... well since i know you served over sees I can assume this was real or certainly fiction taken from real events... wither way you certainly have shown just what our soldiers have to face everyday in a foreign land. I salute you and anyone serving or who has served.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Morgan A Lynch
Morgan A Lynch

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I am 24 years old and live in AZ.. I have prob failed every english class that i have taken. I hate to be told what to write and how to do it.. i write from the heart and things that i feel. umm to te.. more..


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