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Unyielding Wolverine – The rising hero of Pakistan.

Unyielding Wolverine – The rising hero of Pakistan.

A Story by Claudius Maximus

This is my first article. Regarding MMA in Pakistan.


Hello everyone.
I know I have been on a break/hiatus for quite a long time due to my studies. It has been at least one year and 4 months since I had last written my story. But today , I won’t be writing stories for now and give a try on an article. Now this is my first article and therefore , I beg you to please be lenient on me  I’ll be publishing or writing an article in which I personally think should be of some ( if not , then , major ) concern regarding this country (as if anyone cares.) It’s regarding sports.

Now the first thing which comes to the minds of an average person all over the third world countries when you mention this word is none other than “Cricket”. Focusing so much on this sport that whenever a team loses , the nation loses it’s mind and start having riots. (I’m not talking about one nation specifically , I am talking about “Third World” Countries in general.) Talk about so much unprecedented love for cricket. Personally speaking , I never liked this game. Whenever a newbie like me plays the game for the very first time and I repeat “VERY FIRST TIME” they go crazy over a single practice match. “What the hell are you doing !? ” and “Don’t you even know how to catch a ball or play cricket !?” were the usual compliments I heard whenever playing my FIRST cricket match. Even if I tried to play a sport other than cricket i.e badminton for example , my sports trainer in school would say , “Yeh toh larkion ki game hai! Jao jaa kay cricket khelo!” meaning “This is a game for girls only! Go play cricket!”. For all the feminists out there , I would like to convey to them that sexism exists in sports too and women are not always the target. Anyways , I’m not here to discuss this infernal game. I’m here to talk about some other sport. Sports which have not yet been known in Pakistan and could improve this country’s reputation. Football looks is already in it’s declining stages despite being introduced in the country and Hockey is already dead despite being it our “National Game”. No , I’m here to talk about a sport so deadly it would make you have goosebumps and would shake you to the core. Mixed Martial Arts , otherwise known as MMA.

Now , this sport dates back to the Olympics of Ancient Greece and these type of fights originated as hand-to-hand combat performed as a sport called “Pankration” from the Greek words pan and kratos , meaning “all powers”. The Greek competitors had only two rules: no biting and no eye gouging. Pankration was a popular event, and the competitors became heroes and the subjects of legends.The teachings of ancient Greek pankration spread to India thanks to Alexander the Great and his habit of recruiting athletes as soldiers because of their strength and combat knowledge. A Buddhist monk traveling through India picked up on aspects of pankration and brought that knowledge to China, where it birthed Asian martial arts such as kung fu, judo, and karate.As people branched into new lands, they took these arts and built on them, often creating a new style or form of martial art. For example, an expert in judo traveled the globe and ended up in Brazil to spread his teachings, an act that gave birth to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.As martial arts spread, so did the idea of mixed-style competitions. Often a practitioner of one martial art challenged a practitioner of a different one for ultimate bragging rights. These mixed-style competitions took place worldwide for several decades, eventually gaining intense popularity in the United States.Participants in these competitions learned from their opponents and began to realize that in order to become well-rounded fighters, they must study any combative art form that could give them an edge in the game.Forinstance, if a kickboxer was matched with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, the kickboxer would realize that he must become more adept at defending takedowns, thus prompting him to train with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters. (Jiu-Jitsu ground fighting incorporates various submission holds, such as joint and compression locks and chokes.) From that point forward, competitions were no longer between athletes who focused on a singular martial art but between two mixed martial arts athletes. (Thanks to MMA For Dummies and Google for providing the required information to make awareness among people who don’t know MMA.)

Like any sport, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) requires special equipment, largely to protect yourself during your training sessions. Important supplies and gear that you should gather before starting your MMA training include:

  • Boxing gloves: Essential for working on strikes, such as jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.

  • Handwraps: Good for protecting your hands when training or fighting competitively.

  • Headgear: Used for sparring to protect the skull from harsh blows.

  • Cup: Essential for male MMA fighters.

  • Mouthpiece: Critical for protecting your teeth while competing and training. Try conditioning while wearing a mouthpiece to get used to wearing one.

  • MMA gloves: Necessary for competitions. You should wear MMA gloves during sparring and grappling sessions as well so you can get accustomed to them.

  • MMA shin guards: Helpful for protecting your shins when training or sparring.

  • Stability ball: A great tool for working on your balance and control.

  • Jump rope: Useful for warming up before training and a common tool for MMA practitioners.

  • Thai pads and focus mitts: Good for using with a partner when you want to work on knees, kicks, and other strikes.

  • Kettlebells: A cast iron weight with a handle; a favorite tool among MMA fighters for full-body conditioning.

  • MMA attire: Can be worn inside and outside of the ring and includes T-shirts, hoodies, sweats, and shorts. MMA clothing tells people that you’re living the MMA lifestyle. It’s a conversation starter, and it may just stop someone from trying to push you around and steal your milk money.

    The general training outfit for an MMA fighter in training.

    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting styles can be a mixture of any combative discipline, but some of the prominent types of MMA fighting styles that have helped make it what it is today include:

    • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The guard position and many of the various submission holds, including joint locks, chokes, and compression locks, come from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    • Collegiate wrestling. Clinches and takedowns entered the MMA repertoire thanks to collegiate wrestling.

    • Judo. The hip toss and other throws are judo’s gift to MMA.

    • Muay Thai. Kicks, as well as knee-and-elbow moves, in MMA are attributed to Muay Thai. Muay Thai is referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs,” as the hands, shins, elbows and knees are all used extensively.

    • Submission wrestling. Position flows and submission combinations, such as the head and arm hold and various mounts, come from submission wrestling.

    • Western boxing. The strikes used in MMA (jab, uppercut, cross, and hook) may look familiar if you’ve ever watched a traditional western boxing match.

Once the fighter ready to begin your Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, but their loved ones question the benefits of MMA fighting and try to hold him/her back or dampen their interest. They may equate MMA only with fighting and not with the vast and diverse advantages it provides to those who study it.

If you think that joining or doing MMA is quite useless and not worth it , think again. The following points will prove it to you that MMA is a sport worth participating in:

  • Community. Joining an MMA community keeps you on track with your training and helps you make some friends along the way.

  • Confidence. The confidence built from training in MMA can accompany you into the office, your relationships, and wherever else you can use a self-assurance boost! You may find yourself with increased leadership skills or an ability to conquer presentations just like you would in the ring. Your newfound confidence will also help deter any would-be attackers.

  • Discipline. The discipline you’re sure to develop from training in MMA can be applied to the rest of your life, from enhancing your capacity to stick to a schedule to strengthening your resolve to eat well.

  • Fitness. Training in MMA is guaranteed to improve your level of fitness. MMA fighters are some of the most superior, well-rounded, Olympic-caliber athletes of the day. Living the MMA lifestyle can therefore transform your body, along with your mind and spirit.

  • Self-defense. Studying MMA can greatly increase your level of preparedness in the face of a dangerous situation. With your knowledge of combative arts, you can defend yourself whenever you need to.

Apart from this , there are different weight classes present in MMA and here is the list of them :-

  • Flyweight   125 lb 57 kg
  • Bantamweight   135 lb 61 kg
  • Featherweight   145 lb 66 kg
  • Lightweight   155 lb 70 kg
  • Welterweight   170 lb 77 kg
  • Middleweight   185 lb 84 kg
  • Light Heavyweight  205 lb 93 kg
  • Heavyweight   265 lb 120 kg
  • Super Heavyweight  No upper weight limit

Now that I’ve told you the know how’s and the what not’s of MMA , I hope this brief introduction will help you understanding the beauty of the sport. With the rise of MMA all over the world , let me introduce you to one of Pakistan’s rising star. Ahmed “Wolverine” Mujtaba. This legendary gladiator is from Quetta , which is the provincial capital of the province of Balochistan , part of Pakistan , also known as City of Fruit Flowers and is currently living in Islamabad , which is the federal capital of Pakistan. This lionhearted warrior is also a student of Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) and has a record of 8-0-0 meaning 8 consecutive wins , CONSECUTIVE ! , with no losses and no draws (Ma shaa Allah !).. His stats, according to Sherdog,  shows that he won 5 of his fights by submission , 2 by knockout and 1 by judge’s decision (which is the latest one). This type of feat is achieved only by legends ! ( Recently , he had his debut match in ONE Championship which is the second best and largest MMA Promotion in the world , next to UFC which is the biggest and best MMA promotion in the world. In his latest match , he fought Benedict Ang , another great legend from Singapore who was also undefeated with a streak of 3-0-0 at the time when facing the legendary “Wolverine”. Trained by legends Ehtisham Karim , who is the founder of Fight Fortress in Islamabad and Bashir Ahmed , the legendary “God-Father of Pakistan Mixed Martial Arts (PAK-MMA)” and another great fighter in ONE Fighting Championship who is helping promote MMA in Pakistan !

Image result for ahmed wolverine mujtaba mma
For only legends get the opportunity to attain glory. Representing Pakistan in UGB MMA Championship 13 �" Foreign Invasion.

Recently , after coming back from ONE Fighting Championship , he did not receive the recognition and the respect which he deserves from the Government as well as the rest of the nation which left him and his fans in a state of shock as the Government is too busy handling it’s leaks from everywhere and only busy promoting the infernal game known as “Cricket”. He has currently an injured foot and a broken rib but this isn’t stopping him from achieving glory. Personally speaking , I became his fan when he became the Featherweight champion back in Philippines and have been a fan since. Just for increasing your general knowledge , the wolverine is also an animal.. It’s true ! Google it !  The wolverine, a solitary animal, has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself. With the nickname given to the mighty colossus resembling the great Marvel Character , he will , IN SHAA ALLAH , become the next Connor McGregor of Pakistan. ( For those who don’t know who Mr.Connor is , he’s the recent Irish UFC fighter who currently holds two , I repeat , TWO UFC Championship title belts.. And a great fighter too. ) Apart from that , the expenditure’s made for his fights are not sponsored by the government but they are payed by themselves and their friends and family members as well as BUITEMS ( The university from which Ahmed Mujtaba is a graduate of.)

He has a message for his fans : “I want to tell everyone that always work hard, set your goal and go for it, do not delay it because if you know that you can do it then just go for it.”

“Always remember Allah is with you, always respect your parents because today, I am successful because of prayers and blessings of my parents. “

That is why I love MMA Fighters. They just love their fans , no matter what. Also , he has just inspired not only me but many other Pakistani’s to join an MMA gym in order to become a great fighter like him. And to be neglected by the Government despite working so hard is just shocking to the core.

My message to the legendary Wolverine is that he must never give up on his dreams and on his country. The Government may not support him now but the people of Pakistan supports you and loves you so. The Government will , IN SHAA ALLAH , give you and other aspiring MMA Fighters recognition and with your efforts , you will IN SHAA ALLAH become a great and aspiring figure for Pakistan ( which you already are). All the best wishes for Mr. Wolverine. The people of Pakistan loves you !

© 2016 Claudius Maximus

Author's Note

Claudius Maximus
First Article.

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I wish him great success. You did well. I liked the detailed about the MMA and the fighter SHAA ALLAH. I will research him. I like when people find success and make their country men and women proud. A well written and interesting sharing of words.

Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Claudius Maximus

5 Years Ago

I humbly thank you again for the very kind words , sir.
One correction though ,and I mean no .. read more
Coyote Poetry

5 Years Ago

I enjoyed this one. A lot of good information.


I wish him great success. You did well. I liked the detailed about the MMA and the fighter SHAA ALLAH. I will research him. I like when people find success and make their country men and women proud. A well written and interesting sharing of words.

Posted 5 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Claudius Maximus

5 Years Ago

I humbly thank you again for the very kind words , sir.
One correction though ,and I mean no .. read more
Coyote Poetry

5 Years Ago

I enjoyed this one. A lot of good information.

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