Pay it Backward.

Pay it Backward.

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

A bit of nostalgia.


This is not a world where everyone takes two steps forward
and one step back. No one breathes anymore.

This is national do not pay it forward day. That's right,
when someone does something s****y to you, you repay it by
releasing your vengeance on three other people.

This is national do not stop for a moment day. Every second
of your life you must be doing something, you must always
be listening to music. Text your friends all day, make sure
you work out, and drive to Taco Bell. Drinking at night is
an absolute must. Those caught staring at walls or sitting
alone in chairs will be punished.

This is national you will never figure out everything day.
Nothing is a big deal, but if you don't make it a big deal
then you might figure it out. This means get angry and
laugh in the face of your oppressors. Bring other people
into your problems, and make sure you are still listening
to music.


This is national eat gluttonous amounts of food day. National

go into debt day, swear aloud, and slam the door day. Do not

keep your relationship if it is going well, and scrounge up some

dirt about the most perfect person you know. Throw your beer cans

on the nearest piece of lawn space, and smoke as many cigarettes

as possible. Never, ever, obey the speed limit.

Because, you see. The problem with our world today is that
we want too much peace, too much love. We wake up in the
morning, take a big breath and smile. We go next door with
a bed and breakfast prepared for our neighbors and then
give them big hugs. We say "goodmorning" and "how are you"
to the people in line at starbucks, and our smiles only
widen during traffic jams because we know we have more time
to ourselves. The problem with our world today is, everyone
takes life so easily, with so little care, because we know
in the end that everything will be all right.

© 2008 Ms. Spriggs

Author's Note

Ms. Spriggs
I wish every piece of writing came with a small picture for advertisement. There's nothing more compelling than a ground meat purse.

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Provocative, clearly, and filled with thoughts on purpose that ought to get under peoples skin.

Sometimes a million words can be used, positioned and crammed into spaces to try and capture some Cultural idea about todays types of living, but often fewer words convey to the reader the reality of how onerous it is writing about our worlds problems.

We can tear strips off each other all day, despise people, fall out of love, as a way of upholding the standards we think we deserve to see met. The constant monotone of life fails far too often to inspire me. People need to save themselves but many wont and some other people that know the gravity of sin, should live as well as they can otherwise they too become sinners, missing life's opportunities while watching the insane walk the streets.

An Interesting introduction to your work.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Heh. Everything will be alright. Everything is actually going to hell, right? If we speed, eat all kinds of bad food, take our anger out on 3 people when 1 person pisses us off, and chances are 2 or 3 of those people you piss off have a knife or gun in their pocket, waste all our money, don't give our bodies time to rest, we're going to die. From going too fast, having a heart attack, getting shot by that person we pissed off, electrocuting ourselves when we take our iPod into the shower because we always have to listen to our music...we're gonna die.

And all those fuckers out there who eat nothing but fiber, jog till they lose breath, obey the speed limit even though I'm behind them honking because they're moving too f*****g slow, be nice to that dude who still plans on using that knife on them anyhow...they're gonna die too.

Well, we're all fucked.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on May 4, 2008


Ms. Spriggs
Ms. Spriggs

NY, Azerbaijan

What? What?

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

Livid. Livid.

A Story by Ms. Spriggs