The Body is a Temple

The Body is a Temple

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

Not for the faint of heart (meaning, this may be boring).


Fingers are tapping endlessly on the table. Head is down, eyes half-closed. Tick tock tick tock. Legs are crossed, and feet are twitching at a constant, yet not fatiguing, rate. The teeth lightly bite into the side of the lips. In an instant, the eyes change their gaze sideways, halfheartedly analyzing the wall that has been there since time immemorium. The mouth opens, disengaging the teeth from the lips, and lets out a sigh.


In one fluid motion, hands grasped the chair as feet moved back and legs pushed the body up, knees creaking in disagreement with back hunching in pain. Slowly, one leg bent as it pushed the foot out, walking into the next room.


Eyes blinking, the hands reached for a mug, packet of Swiss Miss, and tea kettle. Tea kettle warms itself on hot coils as the hands prepare mug, packet, and spoon in perfect position on the counter. Waiting for the big boil, the legs walk over to the window overlooking the lawn. Eyes look out, but nothing registers. The mouth, performing its only duty so far, sighs again.


Ears pick up a shrill whistle, and the entire body almost excitedly responds. Pour water, open packet, pour contents and stir. The duties seem endless. Eyes watch as chocolatey goodness swirls into the water, a new creation is made. The body now turns, mug in hand, to its rightful place.


Sip, sip, sip. Hands set the mug down as the knees prepare themselves for a crash landing. The legs are now pushing against the back of the chair, rocking the body as if only a child. The tongue receives its gift and the mouth finally responds "mmm" in quiet acquiescence, forcing the corners of the lip to lift.


The mug is back on the table, half drank. The temperature has reached a level that no longer entices the mouth. It sighs once more. Without further or due, the legs cross and the head drops. The eyes, once gleaming, are now at half staff.


Tick tock tick tock.

© 2008 Ms. Spriggs

Author's Note

Ms. Spriggs
My title is a joke, as is the usual picture (I got it from a dental website advertising dry mouth). I had a similar narrative idea for a dream but it turned out more disastrous than this.

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Added on May 18, 2008
Last Updated on May 18, 2008


Ms. Spriggs
Ms. Spriggs

NY, Azerbaijan

What? What?

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

Livid. Livid.

A Story by Ms. Spriggs