A Poem by Mikhail Kustov

A Place I loved, a place I forgot, a place I dreamt so long ago

The winds blew through, the rain beat down, the thunder stormed, the sun hid away

Among their eyes, trapped within the walls and floors

Among their minds, I was but a trapped lab rat


I came alone, I stayed alone, I found solace alone

The winds, the rain and storm

The nature looked down upon me

The nature took comfort with me


My mind was twisted, broken and shattered

The pieces of the puzzle were spread apart

Days passed, weeks and a month

Would the pieces ever fit together, once more


The playground was plain and bland

But within my mind palace, I saw not what they saw

Among the pieces of the puzzle, links formed,

Rivers of imagination filled the park with all its bliss


Oceans and Forests formed out of nothing

Animals born from the shells of the old swing sets

From the air and earth came my protectors, friends and guardians

My personalities and their creations


But the doctors, the men with the needles looked upon my creations with disgust

They were tainted and unholy creations, dark magic in their eyes

It was a battle of the body and the soul and the hand of God

It was a majestic fight between reality and imagination


The mind and body suffered

The soul repaired, and my figments came and healed my scars

The hand of god left me to my own devices

That was the last I ever saw of them

© 2015 Mikhail Kustov

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Added on June 14, 2015
Last Updated on June 14, 2015
Tags: asylum, disorder, mind, mental, power, dreams, hallucinations, imaginations, souls, darkness, authority, poetry


Mikhail Kustov
Mikhail Kustov

United Kingdom

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