The Nine Levels Of Hell

The Nine Levels Of Hell

A Poem by The Elusive Mr Dunne

The Nine Levels of Hell

"The Nine Levels of Hell"

Welcome to Purgatory, where the dew of repentance washes off stain/
Through confession and satisfaction, righteousness you shall gain
As sins cleansed from your soul, you'll be illuminated by sun/
And you will know the joys of paradise or ascend to level one, LIMBO.

Ushered across the River Acheron, to the brink of an abysmal grief/
A place of sorrow without torment, a seven walled castle filled with peace
Rolling fresh meadows by abundance, illuminated by the light of reason/
Mixed with unbaptised children and pagans, who are unfit to enter heaven,
So you enter LEVEL TWO.

Now you are in a place mute of light, where the lustful spend eternity/
And here the unforgiveing winds, blow sinners around endlessly
The infernal hurricane never rests, as all reason has been betrayed/
So Cleopatra and Helen of Troy, are the two that share your fate,
Now let me take you to LEVEL THREE.

In the third circle you find yourself, amidst eternal rain & putrid water/
The Gluttons are punished here on the level, of a cruel canine monster
With three heads and red eyes, growling and tearing at the damned/
For choosing to consume in excess, instead of sharing with thy fellow man


Just before River Styx, is the fourth level of Hell/
Where you'll share eternal damnation, for only caring for self
For hoarding everything and sharing nothing, this is where you'll dwell/
As punishment along with Plutus, the wolf-like demon of wealth.

Now LEVEL FIVE is where they punish, the gloomy and the wrathful/
For lashing out in furious anger, and tearing each other piecemeal
Gurgling in black mud, slothful, and withdrawn from this world/
Because you lived a cruel vindictive life, so this is where you'll dwell.

Now the Hell of LEVEL SIX is Satan's wretched city, the city of Dis/
That's surrounded by iron walls, before the fields full of distress
Burning tombs litter the landscape, with audible doleful sighs/
Here you will join the wicked, and will be offered no respite.

Welcome to LEVEL SEVEN.
Guarded by the Minotaur, and encircled within the River of Blood/
Boiling in the 7th Level of Hell, for commiting violence against god
Bodies hanging from the branches, with birdlike creatures with faces/
Whilst flakes of fire rain down, on these bodies all made naked.

Now LEVEL EIGHT is Malebolge, and contains many and varied sinners/
Those guilty of fraudulance and malice, the seducers and pimps
Wedged in to stone walls, feet are licked by eternal flame/Whilst serpents wrap around men, through the pitiful lament of pain.

Now LEVEL NINE is called Cocytus, and is the deepest level of Hell/
Where the fallen angels reside, along with the demon Satan himself
His wings flapping eternally, whilst producing winds that freeze ice/
Where eyes forever weep, being furthest away from the light.

Copyright 2012 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)

© 2022 The Elusive Mr Dunne

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A well thought out write, well written. Nice work.

Posted 1 Week Ago

a very well thought out and perfectly written composition this offering is.
matters not i am an atheist ... i do not play the god(s) game or subscribe to any religion practice or belief(s). it is everyone's right to practice/non participate without question.
if we are created in the image of? then there is a big problem!

i have read many of your pieces this morning and am impressed with your manner(s).
i will continue to visit and read/write comment(s) and that sir you can count on!

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Added on January 5, 2022
Last Updated on January 5, 2022
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The Elusive Mr Dunne
The Elusive Mr Dunne

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