These Strands

These Strands

A Poem by Mr. Lopez

Who's to say that in a dream
You can't reclaim a thing or two
Of who you were
Who they once knew

Just not quite the same
What have they done to you
This child of love
Now cleaved in two

There will come a day when
Uninvited and maybe even deserving
Hell comes in from the cold
To burn what you've been preserving

When even the tallest of towers
Will find their way to the ground
And the smallest of voices
Makes the loudest sound

When your own shadow takes on
A hidiuos form
And you hide behind masks
That so many have worn

You find yourself ripped apart
At the seams
Barely held together by faith
That built those very dreams

Know that you are not alone
In your pain
For the strands of hope that hold together
This heart of yours are in me
The very same

© 2016 Mr. Lopez

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As I read your poem, I get the feeling that "you" is not just another person, a beloved person, but I suspect it stands for something else, like a bad habit or a fundamental failing. Not sure how to read this, but I still like the message. As a superficial analysis, I'd say that life beats us up & turns us into very different creatures, but this narrator is ending the message by promising to be in the other person's life thru thick & thin, no matter how much the trials of life distort who we started out to be. I like that meaning, but I'm still thinking there's something deeper, a double meaning. Like maybe God is always there & staying connected thru these strands of hope & faith. Or on a darker note, it could be one's own true evil core is at the basis of this crumbling that the overall poem describes, the weakness or failing that follows us around & ensures that life goes very badly, hanging on by strings. Well, whatever the intent of your message, it reminds me of an old Asian saying about how two people connected in love and/or friendship have an invisible cord connecting them that can never be broken.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on October 11, 2016
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Mr. Lopez
Mr. Lopez

Phoenix, AZ

I was on the site once before a while back but I hit one of those bumps in the road that knocks you harder then the average pot hole. So I'm back and have very fond memories of this writing community... more..

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