A Poem by Cassiopia Summers

"Funny how words can..."

I'm here to tell you a story, 
sing you a heartfelt song
of a girl lost and scared
who felt she didn't belong.
This young girl was unique
with a name of Stevie Rae,
long black hair with colored red ends,
and eyes blue like the clearest day.
Even though she looked different,
in truth she was a human with a heart
who was judged by appearance
which put more love into her art.
Armed with a rainbow and brush
she poured her emotions onto that easel,
all the while thinking and asking, 
why everyone treated her like such a weasel.
She did nothing wrong,
caused no one and nobody harm, 
yet the pain inflicted
was quite apparent on her arm.
Decked in black from head to foot
made the Jocks and preps
poke fun, call names, and hate everyday
because Stevie Rae was different, she had no depths.
Why couldn't they just sit back and relax?
Maybe if they talked they'd certainly see
how innocent and lovely she truly was 
and decide to leave her be.
She laughed at the thought of this
because deep in her heart she knew
that an idea like such
was just a dream that wasn't true.
People nowadays have such heavy hearts
everything said is mean and meant to hurt.
Nobody should say a thing
because everything said makes others feel like dirt.
Judging by looks is unfair
because it's not the outside that counts.
It's whats on the inside that defines a person,
not just pieces, but every ounce.
Stevie Rae went missing one day,
nobody noticed but her loved one.
Her mother was shocked 
and cried at the sight of what was done.
She found her in her room with a note,
"Lay me down, bury me with my art.
My words will finally be spoken,
those from the bottom of my heart.
All of you from school, 
have you figured out I'm done?
How do you all feel
knowing your bullying finally won?
This note is for you to see, 
hopefully you'll all realize,
the hurtful looks and unruly words
caused the pain that glazed my eyes.
Judge no more and welcome with open arms, 
then maybe my death won't be in vain.
Sorry mother, don't blame yourself
I never meant to cause you pain.
I must go now, I must leave.
I love you mother, good-bye."
Now fly, fly away little dove,
funny how words can cause someone to die.

© 2010 Cassiopia Summers

Author's Note

Cassiopia Summers
This piece is for a contest at the university nearby. It is for 9-12 graders, and it has to be in ABCB meter. Please would you all tell me what you think?

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Such crafty and beautiful language! It's really touching too, and I can relate because I was once a cutter as a result of being bullied. But I've learned that people who mean you harm aren't worth thinking about :) you have lovely writing skills! Keep it up!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I enjoyed this. Its well written and has a nice feel to it. Well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Well written. You do a very good job!

Posted 10 Years Ago

'this is really good :D I liked the rhyming in it and i thought it was very well written. It gets the point across, bullying is wrong and i definately agree with that in this poem.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This story makes you not want to pick on anyone. You shouldn't make fun of people it's not right...because some people would do that to themselves...probably many people all over the world have thought about doing stuff like this before..and it's not always your fault...but some people could have tried to help stop it. I love the piece though. Very good. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is really well written. Probably my favourite piece of writing on this website. It makes me feel bad for things I may have done in the past. Its the way highschool is but I hope I didnt make life hard for so many people in school. I really feel bad seeing that I may have caused people to feel this way. Im sorry. Anyway great write :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is my favorite of your writings by far. I really hope you win the contest, This piece had such raw emotion; you could feel the sadness dripping off every word. And the writing scheme is amazing, though it sounds off at some points. Excellent piece. You did a REALLY good job! (:

Posted 10 Years Ago

Love it! (And if I'm not wrong...) I love House of Night books and love how you used Stevie Rae as the protagonist :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Cassiopia Summers
Cassiopia Summers

Tucson, AZ

Lets get to know each other. :) To start, I think music reveals to us the person within, so here are some of my favorite songs because of their lyrics. Sixx A.M. - Skin Paramore - The Only Ex.. more..


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