A Poem by Mutley

Thunderstorms... so powerful.


Endless gray, muddled, and dull,

A story of her life,

Until that point.

She shatters into a cascade of water.


Dropping liquid stones,

Hail seeping to the bone,

Gale seething of gray,

Washing through the waste.


Growl of the firmament,

Spewing froth upon the earth,

Seethes with fury,

She dumps her world on ours.


Flashes of anger,

Blue streaks of pain,

Lament screeches from the sky,

Danger flooding the earth.


Colors transmute to shades of gray,

Veiled behind a force so powerful,

So rushing, racing to their death,

Splashing across their graves.


The sound of a million deaths,

Static that accumulates in puddles,

Casualties of a forgotten beauty,

Banished from the heavens in her rage.


Watch as she rattles the trees,

Throttling the trunks as leaves scatter,

She disciplines drooping branches,

Tearing the green from their homes.


The air itself flows in fleeting grace,

Fleeing the great fury above,

Escaping the paths of falling death,

It smells of moist, salty tears.


A solitary bird cries for mercy,

Jubilant bird no more.

Under the cruel justice, it is condemned.

Rumbling anger outcries the fear. 


This is her other side,

Her explosion of desperation,

Raining hate and anger upon her children,

Polarized emotions are in interchange. 


She shows us that green is not cheap,

Payment comes in the color of gray,

Life nectar turned poison,

Glowing blue cracks in our ceiling.


It is a reminder of her presence,

Her generous boon to the feeble,

She, the great giver of life,

Comes to take it from our hands.

© 2010 Mutley

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well this poem for me just screams the word 'mother nature',no way is there a force that can take life as easily as it is taken.Very powerful poem,good imagry,the words are just a bit too high for me but they are good non the less.
umm...every description was felt through the page,very intense,very strong.

awsome job! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on June 2, 2010
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