The Eye In The Sky

The Eye In The Sky

A Poem by Mystica66

1. The Sky

The eye in the sky flies so high,

Searching for anyone walking by,

A victim to torment and press,

Before there's any chance to regress,

Robust and immune to defeat,

Built to destroy, kill and delete,

Smelling weak blood, waiting for him,

A life sentenced to a world so grim.

2. Down To Earth

Spotted, target chosen, Down! Down!

Descending faster than a raw thorn,

Locked on and ready to engage,

Trapping all in a deathly black cage,

A trail of fire burns in its wake,

Aiming to burn all life at the stake,

A blinding supersonic light,

Ready to erase all a sight

3. The Search

The search, the hunt for the victim,

A burning desire to make all grim,

No discrimination, no part,

No fear no sparing a lucky heart,

East to West, North to South it roams,

Hot and cold, short and long ways to home,

A thirst for destruction will loom,

Sending all to a dark deathly tomb.

4. The Victim

He waits innocently along,

Happily softly singing his song,

What lies beyond will soon reveal,

A dark life awaits that's so real,

A sinister evil so grave,

Minds succumbing to all but a slave,

Eyes will be blinded, souls shall fail,

A body ready to impale.

5. The Curse

Curses to be unleashed and set,

To die and burn like a cigarette,

Spikes from the stars, Ice from the moon,

Lead to a devastating fortune,

Pain and suffering one and all,

All to a fail, all to a fall,

Tales of rapture will command,

Wishes and prayers again the demand.

6. The Depression

Heaviness and darkness enters,

Seduced, controlled by the black masters,

Suicidal insomnia,

Dominated megalomania,

Self harming until weakness hits,

Everything in tatters, life in bits,

Nowhere or no one to turn to,

The only escape is killing you.

7. Run Away

Run away, far away tonight,

Don't stop for the break of morning light,

By train, by car, by plane, by bus,

Left with empty feelings of concuss,

Into the night he travels far,

Attempts to escape the evil star,

No matter how fast or how long,

The evil masters strings remain strong.

8. The Mountains

A climb to the highest of peaks,

Elevated beyond the cold creeks,

The shiver of an icy heart,

Sends him tumbling back to the start,

Surveillance of a great warlord,

The first of many in a long horde,

Over the summit, now down, down,

As fast as you can, before you drown.

9. The Lake

Unto the depths of a great pool,

A countdown until he under the rule,

Tides of time will carry to soul,

Away to realms under eyes control,

Magnetised, stigmatised forces

Bleeding under mystical sources,

Pain and numbness engulf a breath,

The spiral down to a mortals death.

10. The Desert

The crippling heat beats down hard,

Where the scorpion gods hold their guard,

The burning thirst weakens the sight,

The remnant corpses all set alight,

The foot aches from a thousand steps,

The workout from hell, still counting reps,

Miles and miles, on and on,

No rest until the last breath has gone.

11. Hide

Hiding, exhausted and beaten,

The unexplained force tell what's written,

No matter how far or how lost,

Demise will follow at a harsh cost,

Palpitations feeling the heat,

Awaiting destruction or delete,

Stillness of the day turns to dusk,

Now impaled on a sharpened tusk.

12. Search

The speed of light,the freedom flight,

Nothing escapes from a deathly sight,

Time to stop, plagues to be unleashed,

Illness released, all so cold and niched,

The approach of the great searchlight,

Shuddering beneath the machines bite,

Deafening torture, sounds of loss,

Left behind in the dust of pathos.

13. No Escape

Tangled in a giant death web,

Treated like a nothing and a pleb,

Grips tightened, vices firmly shut,

And secured with a cold metal nut,

Inside the chamber of torture,

Under the eye of the demon watcher,

Shortly to lose the grip on life,

Balancing on the edge of the knife.

14. Dark Faces

The appear in a darkened mist,

Restrained and held tightly at the wrist,

Pure horror from a mortals past,

Blood drains from the soul of the outcast,

Eyes so hollow, Skin milky white,

Dreams and hopes, all will be set alight,

Prevailing curses from the smoke,

Woe and death from beneath the black cloak.

15. Zapped

Computerisation engaged,

Angels and gold of light will be caged,

Unconscious sensations hard felt,

Experimentations without guilt,

Powers of the thought drained away,

A lifeless mind left to decay,

The final preparations,

Signals, sending congratulations.

16. The Madness

Now blinded by insanity,

Dazed and blacked out without a treaty,

Lifeless and still, crippled and out,

Life a dried out seabed in a drought,

White and pale without a beat,

A block of ice melting in the heat,

A minds faded into a shaft,

Mysterious dark spells of witchcraft.

17. The Death

Fading, falling into the hells,

Summoned by the ringing of dark bells,

So silent, so quiet, taunting,

A cruel sacrifice, induced fainting,

Appearance of the mystical,

Soon turned to dust with a cold sprinkle,

He comes, he approached me here,

Enclosed in a drip of a red tear.

18. The Darkness

Beyond the tall burning mountains,

Engulfed by the deathly fire fountains,

Dark and black, all of a sudden,

To the demon throne of the golden,

Tied and bidden by the great strength,

Fed by the disgusting beasts love length,

Choking and suffocating cells,

This is where you belong, in the...

19. Hells

A damned man stays here forever,

A promise kept beyond the never,

In front of a council of snakes,

Unwilling to show mercy to the aches,

Chained to the sides of the dark gods,

Slavery and torture dragging sods,

Fed to beasts of the fire,

A filling punishment for a liar.

20. Epilogue

The eye in the sky comes for you,

It listens, watches all the you do,

Turn to light and escape him,

Or prepare yourself to live in sin,

Live in fear, live in paranoia,

Never to escape the destroyer,

Justice served and implemented,

A gods work, so experimented.

© 2023 Mystica66

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Added on March 19, 2023
Last Updated on March 19, 2023
Tags: gothic, darkness, death, horror, destruction, science fiction, machinery, escape