The Blaired Witch

The Blaired Witch

A Story by N.R.Spurgeon

This is a piece that I did after watching The Blair Witch Project. I was inticed by it's wonder plot and dialogue and decided to stub the movie down into a concentrated shot. So anyone who doesn't have the time can enjoy it.



      Blah, blah, blah, something about a school project. Blah, blah, blah, something about a witch. La, la, la, go

into the woods. Holy s**t! A pile of rocks! Oh no! Sticks tied together in trees! More rocks! Something’s outside

the tent! Ahhhhhh! Run through the woods, run through the woods, run through the woods! Cry! Cry, cry, cry!

Nasal leakage. Something else about a project! F**k! F**k! F**k being said a lot! Where the f**k is the other

guy! A house! Oh, let’s go inside it! Run through the house, run through the house, run through the house!

Wow, writing on the wall! Run down the stairs! Run into a wall! Dude standing in the corner! Why, why, why,

why! The End.

© 2009 N.R.Spurgeon

Author's Note

I was bored.

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lol , this is really funny

Posted 14 Years Ago

this was a truly enjoyable piece to read because it was hilarious at the same time! ;) it was a fun read, and just like XWayOathX said, i love the sarcasm in here. great job! :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

Ah ha ha, that was purely amazing and I had to read until I got to the end like I didn't already know the plot. I love the sarcasm, it's one of my favoirte things to read when I'm reading a work. I love this, it's hilarious.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on September 4, 2009



The Boonies, KY

My name is Nick. Well, I usually don't really have much to say about myself, and when I try to strain it I always come out with this kinda bland list of self attributes that almost reminds me of a job.. more..


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