Sky Masters

Sky Masters

A Poem by Nathan Thompson

Oh, mighty Dragons, how we have wronged you!

What have we turned you in to? Monsters! Beasts!

Through our stories, you have become the beings of nightmares,

The terrible, murderous creatures, that drips with malice, and cruelty.

Do you forgive us, or have we done nothing to forgive?

In our stories you are the monsters, that rip apart our fellows, burn our crops

Steal our gold, and devour our virgin maidens.

In our stories you fall beneath the hero’s blade, a vanquished demonic animal, intent in its destructive purpose, to rid the world of us.

How are we humans any better? We have done the same, and worse, to our own kin.

Little is said of your savage beauty, the exquisiteness of your scales

The grace of your flight, nor the nobility of your baring.

Do you burn, all that you do not deem worthy of existing?

Do you kill for the simple pleasure of it, or to feed your ravenous hunger? With your flame, and claw. Tooth and jaws.

What power do you wield over us, Sky masters?

Whether you are truly gone from this world, if indeed you were ever part of it, is immaterial. You exist.

You live in the worlds in our minds, the tales of the bards, the stories in our books.

We still see you, in our art, in our dreams, in the shape of clouds, in the heart of flames.

I have seen you, my Dragon exists, he is part of me, as I am part of him.

My Dragon gives me strength when I falter.

Hope when all seems lost.

Courage to fight loneliness, when the dark is closing in.

And when Death comes for me, when the last of my days is at an end, my Dragon and I shall ride together, through, the unknown of the underworld.

And he shall be noble, handsome, and strong.

And through him, I shall have no fear.

© 2010 Nathan Thompson

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i like this poem well written and i like the imagery, i know what you feel when you say,

"he is part of me, as I am part of him"

you know in your soul when you are chosen and it filters thru your whole aura. well done!

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Posted 16 Years Ago

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Added on February 10, 2008
Last Updated on August 18, 2010
Tags: Dragon, Monster, fire, flame, tooth, Heat, flying, Rider
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Nathan Thompson

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