The Unspeakable Imagination Running Wild at Night

The Unspeakable Imagination Running Wild at Night

A Poem by Nicole Renee

Watching the clock pass on by

With the minutes of every hour laughing at me,

I ponder and wonder at the familiarities that

Sneak into something that I remember

Or even something new, the words

Screaming I’m a trooper with an attitude

That has a mind that wanders beyond its borders.
But I’m not sure if I trust myself at the hour

Of a dear night like this, especially with a

Big bear with a chest like a rug and

 That is iron tough lurking at my side.


So I think that when I wake up

To see the sun rise and my imagination go down,

I think I’m going to call up my ‘boss’ to tell him I’m quitting,

And to go have him find a replacement---because I’m going to go

And tame the mind at night while I also go tame the bear,

Feeding him his uncountable treats of Z’s.

I know the bear will be a lot happier then.

© 2009 Nicole Renee

Author's Note

Nicole Renee
My creatively active insomniac mind.
Pink Slip by The Unband
Big Bear by Steak
Trooper With an Attitude by .38 Special

And obviously, Super Troopers movie...even though technically, the songs inspired me..they're from the soundtrack. ;D But yeaah, I'm tired..yet awake. It's 3:50 a.m. right now where I am.

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What makes this so distinct is its randomness. Every line was just so random, one can never be sure of what's to come next. Interesting Read.

Keep Writing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Great Piece Nicole! I perfectly undestand your insomnia, i also suffer with it. When it buffets me in the middle of the night I normally end up crawling to my computer and scribbling something down, or lurking on some online chatroom.

...back to the poem. I loved the conversational style and tone that this captured. It's light, deep, humourous, vivid and intriguing. I loved the 'fight' between the reader and the bear in this poem. The saying 'bear with a sore head' came to mind. It feels almost like you're fighting with a bear inside your own head in this poem.

Great little rant about life, keep it up :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

I want to phone my boss and feed the bear! Great write nicole!

Posted 10 Years Ago

You have some imagination.....I really like the line about phoning your boss and quitting. That I think would be great to do. A great write Nicole!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on June 8, 2009


Nicole Renee
Nicole Renee

Anoka, MN

I usually write poetry and short stories, yet I always come up with good ideas for novels. I did have a long biography on here,but when Charlie deleted everybody's work off of here on Friday the 13th,.. more..

10 Days. 10 Days.

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