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Harry Potter and the Girl Who Became an Email

Harry Potter and the Girl Who Became an Email

A Story by NixelsAndWords

This is Harry Potter Fan Fiction with a modern tech twist.

It is common knowledge that magic itself is quite inefficient and the wizarding world relies on some very old methods of communication that are definitely slower than the email, such as owls. I am not aware of whether the owls have some magical means of travel that enable them to fly really fast or whether they use floo powder or apparate. But from the movies it is evident that they spend atleast a few seconds flying in the air at normal speed, which is still slower than an email.

Emails are thus non existent in the wizarding world as a means of communication. So how else can an email be a part of the wizarding world? Turning into an email can be an act of transfiguration. This email would never be sent because then it would be too efficient as a means of communication which is unacceptable. It could only be a part of the inbox (spam or otherwise) or in the drafts of emails composed. 
A girl was once transfigured into charges that represent the "on" and "off" states of a transistor that store binary information of the email. This girl was key to defeating the dark lord Voldy and she knew what had to be done. But she was turned into an email-cum-horcrux by Voldy. The email, which was part of his spam folder, was completely safe with his protective charms in his opinion. This was a win-win situation for Voldy because even if all the horcruxes were destroyed, Harry would need access to the final secret to destroying Voldy which was in the email, which was already destroyed on account of being a horcrux. 

Voldy however failed to see that a simple walk-around to this problem would be to read the email before destroying it. Voldy assumed Harry would never dream of doing this because of his protective charms around his computer. But little did he know that Harry was of muggle descent and would employ methods of hacking into his server that charms would prove ineffective against.
 Because Voldy hated those "mudbloods" and was a wannabe "pure blood" himself, he used the help of his good-for-nothing death-eaters who were not well-versed in technology and used a server that was not well protected against attacks that were non-magical in nature. 

Some simple DNS spoofing through "Harry-in-the-middle-attacks"  would lead voldy to type in his email credentials into a fake website that Harry set up which would in turn give Harry access to the email account and thus the spam folder that contained the famous email. 

 Harry now had Voldemort's password. Voldy had never heard of two-factor authentication, so these credentials would be useful even in the future. Additionally, Harry knew that Voldy was fond of silly anagrams as evident from the "I am lord voldemort" to "tom marvolo riddle" revelation in the chamber of secrets.  Even if the hacking proved inefficient, he was sure he would be able to guess voldy's password. 

Harry was thus able to successfully log into Voldy's account and obtain access to the email the girl had turned her self into. But then he realised the email itself was a phishing link that asked him to reset his password because it had been more than 10 years since he last changed his password. This link also asked for the user to type in the old password first for verification. This way, the girl would be able to obtain the password through her phishing link and log in through the actual server. Harry realised that the girl was not the key to obtaining the secret to kill Voldy. But she was trying to find the real email by obtaining his password first.  The girl was Lily Potter who had turned into an email from the killing curse that she came in front of,  in order to protect harry and obtain Voldy's secret email. She had thus turned into a horcrux but had saved harry. 

There was nothing to do now but give her a dignified burial that a hero like her deserved. Harry moved her into the primary inbox one last time and flagged her as "important" before permanently deleting her.

The real email that held the key to Voldy's destruction was an email that he had saved in his drafts, marked as "Never Open", because Voldemort could not be less obvious. It said that the secret to Voldy's defeat was to get a mongoose because it is the one creature alive that a snake is truly afraid of, and Voldy was almost turning into a snake himself with the non existent nose and those nostrils that were basically slits. It also said that all the mongoose had to do was appear, thus rendering Voldy speechless and petrified to do anything because he would be scared out of his wits at the sight of Killer Mongoose. Then it had to sneeze on Voldy and transfer some viruses that would cause Voldy to get a cold. This would never be cured because his nose would be runny but also not runny at the same time due to him not having a nose. This paradox would eventually cause him to die of agony. 

But the only problem was finding a mongoose that was clever enough to understand what had to be done and to carry a virus. Harry also had to find a virus he could cause the mongoose to transmit.
To be continued in Harry Potter and the Pandemic He caused in 2019

© 2022 NixelsAndWords

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Added on April 5, 2022
Last Updated on April 5, 2022
Tags: Harry Potter, fan fiction, weird, fun




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