The Next Time...

The Next Time...

A Poem by With Each Raindrop Comes A Story

The Next Time you call, I wont answer...


The next time you call,

Don't expect me to answer,

I'm up off my knees...

I'll never be the same,

but because of you,

I know I'll be strong again...

You played me like a violin...

I don't think you even cared...

I smile every day just to let you know,

Let you know that you haven't won...

You still haven't,

You'll never win the battle, you'll never win the war...

Awe you have a new lover?

Oh, how quaint...

Be sure to tell them how you like to take and never give,

I have two words for you,

And no it's not "Love You"...

Im up off my knees...

Broken down, I still remain strong,

When the sun sets I will stand strong,

Each day I wake, I get stronger...

I gain strength just forgetting about you,

I put your picture away,

Now what?

I get a little stronger each day,

Oh by the way,

When you call next...

Be prepared to hear a busy signal.

I won't answer your calls,

I won't answer anything,

Don't breath next to me,

Don't think about me,

The next time you call,

I won't answer....

© 2013 With Each Raindrop Comes A Story

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Added on January 31, 2013
Last Updated on January 31, 2013


With Each Raindrop Comes A Story
With Each Raindrop Comes A Story

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