An Illithid's tale

An Illithid's tale

A Story by Jason

You need a summary knowledge of the Illithid to understand this story.





Decades ago a seemingly innocuous perceived slight against one of the more powerful wizards of the hive ended with him being burned of his ability to mind blast

and left in Underdark alone and utterly defenseless.  At least to a still gifted illithid he appeared without defenses adequate to last more than a week. This slight that started his fall was an overheard discussion about his research into the weaknesses of those who solely followed the arcane path, and detailed methods to neutralize them.  Those of the arcane order recognized the danger of his research and had him culled from the hive.  The first couple days had been the hardest; he found it difficult to capture any creature with a brain worthy of a full illithid. He had not eaten in some time before being banished. A detail he was sure was somehow arranged.  He was forced to prey on roth, slugs, blind fish, and anything and all things he could to keep his strength up.  Then the day came when everything changed.  Starved and feverish with hunger he followed the sounds of battle through the tunnels, hoping to scavenge a fresh meal from whatever was unlucky enough to be left behind.  Silently he crept into the entryway of the room where the sound was loudest, what he saw was the most elegant dance he had ever witnessed.  A small human was battling two mindflayer's.  The fact she was still alive was amazing enough, but she seemed to be winning.  Kicking off the wall she scrambled between stalactites, closing on the nearest of the two. She dodged his first mind blast, even from this distance the sound, the feeling of it, pulled on his soul where the ability, the core of his being had been torn from him.  The mindflayer was being pummeled by the little woman; punches, kicks, elbows, knees, all coming in a flurry.  They were both slowly descending as the illithid's head became more and more of a featureless mass. The second had moved behind her, directly in front of him. The illithid began casting a spell, he could feel it, the energy gathering, feel it again like before, tearing at his body; all reason disappeared he sprung, a feral creature landing squarely on the it’s back, his four foot tentacles attached to it’s head spoiling his spell, while peeling back flesh and bone.  Its own hands and tentacles came up in a feeble attempt at defense but it was too late, one tentacle was pried loose then came in again where the others had already begun their work.  Then it was ecstasy, sweet nectar, a delicacy unlike anything he had ever tasted.  He drank deeply then realization hit him.  This was one of those who burned away who he was.  All the memories flashed through and now, the plotting, planning, they did set him up, all thought him long dead, his name ordered forgotten by all.  The memories ended as fast as they had begun.  He sat back on his heels, a feeling washed over him, contentment?  satisfaction?  It didn't matter, he was happy.  He laughed then for the first time in his life, a disturbing guttural thing that made the monk back away a step.  He noticed her then “Greetings human” echoed in her mind.  She blinked “Is your mind injured?” 

She grabbed her head, a faint look of panic on her face.  “Nnno, no I'm fine” she stammered.

“How you fight, it was one of the most beautiful things I've seen, what was it?” Still looking at him quizzically.

 “Um you weren't so bad yourself, a bit on the messy disgusting side for my tastes though.” “I don't really call it anything.  I just always liked hitting stuff.  A man came through our village and offered to teach me, how to not hit.  Course I told him to hit the road and took a swing at him.  I ended up hitting the road, with my butt then my head a little.  After that I knew whatever I had to do, I had to learn anything he would teach me.” “Why did you kill your brother or whatever that guy was?”

“They were not brothers, we do not know those things, but he was one of my hive. I am an outcast.  He was one of those who had me excised, ripped from the hive then forgotten. I was rendered weaponless, even our most feared weapon was taken from me.  I was left to die alone, but I still live and now I know the truth.  Everything he knew.”

“You seem to have some pretty good weapons hanging off your face there.  Where the heck is your mouth anyway?  I've always wondered that, might not get another chance.

He ignored her question. “I wish to learn, as you did, the hands and feet.


“Me?  Teach you?  I don't know how that would work, I don't have tentacles, then there is the whole you trying to eat my brains thing.  What happens when you get hungry?”

“You will never have anything to fear from me, I am not like my kind and never will be again.”  I can offer a trade.  I will teach you what I know of the mind, your defenses are formidable but I can help shield you from attacks directed not at your body.

She thought on this moment “Why the heck not, stranger things have happened.  Once I saw giant with two heads, weirdest thing I ever saw, wonder if he had two of anything else.  Once I saw a guy who can bend spoons with only his mind, I fell right out of my chair when I saw that, then there was…”

“I just bent every spoon in your backpack”


You did not!  Seriously?  Let me… well look at that…

© 2008 Jason

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Nice, a tentacle-headed protagonist. The plot sounds really complex. I'm lookin forward to reading more.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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