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Playing the piano


The story begins with the newborn notes of a piano classic. It thrills through the fingers that skip over the keys and enters the ears of the listener. The candlelight flies off the mirror black piano top and into the dark eyes of the pianist. He bends and moves, freely expressing his mournful peace through the music, lost in the world of notes and keys, feeling it move through him, out of him, into him...He is the music and the music is him. As long as the music exists so does he, when the music stops so his life ends. The music flows from the vibrating strings through the house and out the open windows and down the street. It draws the wind, rain, and storm until all are waiting for the one momnent when music enters the brain and all thought is obliterated. The keys move for him soft and hard, gentle yet unbending and it encompasses his being until there is nothing else inside of him nothing else outside of him. Not the eyes, the waving hands, the warm crush of the bodies that surround him as he strokes his piano keys. The piano calls far and wide to beings outside the windows bare, watching the pianist bend and move, enthralled by his hypnotic motion. The mood enters each heart, capturing them and holding them. The storm gathers, enraged by the stolen attention. It booms clatters sending thousands to their knees, sending the listeners running for cover. The ground shakes with the promised climax and the music fades into the thunderous noise, lost and distant. The storm loses its strength and dies out slowly, grasping at anything it can to stop its dying fall and bring it back to the moment but it is dying. It is done.
The people wait, lost and disoriented. The music still haunts their ears, whispering the half forgotten notes and they turn to the window. They turn expectantly to the mirror black piano in the candle lit house and the bench is empty. The music stopped.

© 2008 After Midnight

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This is so hauntingly sad.

I love how you began. It really gives life to the pianist and illustrates the beauty of piano playing.

Thank you for sharing!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 8, 2008


After Midnight
After Midnight

South of the Moon and North of the Sun, NM

Some time ago, I learned that I had the gift to bring my imagination to life through paper and ink. It filled me with Life when I had nothing else to give and it gave me Hope, the last of all plagues .. more..