Let It Go

Let It Go

A Poem by Mary E. Green

Heartbreak at it's finest.


Sitting here with tears in my eyes once more
As I torture myself by looking for you, the hashtags and the quotes weren't enough to kill me, so now you can add the victim blaming to the pile, let me take responsibility for it all
It's okay, I will let you play the poor, pitiful me card and I will take the fault
While you keep talking your crap.
Why can't I just let you go as easy as I did the, "F**k you"?

I bet you are enjoying the pain that you have put me through 
Constantly talking about me and letting your friends take jabs at me, you didn't care one bit and claimed I cared too much
Not caring about the hurt and how much it bothered me, you let it go on without a word.
So why the hell do I even care anymore?

The thoughts going around my head scare me
My heart bleeds out as it shatters all around my feet
Once again the box that I had escaped from has swallowed me, sucking me back in, and closing all around me
There is no escaping this time.
Why did you have to turn out like him?

You stole my heart, took my breath, killed my pain, just to reopen the wound and throw salt into it
Claimed I was overreacting and didn't care, as my heart was being torn to shreds
You wanted something different and wanted someone else who was no longer me, as you started acting as though I was crazy and out of my mind
Blaming me for all the pain and all the strain.
Why did you have to drive me out of my mind?

I hope that you're happy now with the bed you made,
I hope that your wish of being better off alone came true
As you say that I am the one who is to blame.
Now why do I still love you while hating you and I at the same time?

© 2017 Mary E. Green

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Added on August 1, 2017
Last Updated on August 1, 2017
Tags: relationships, breakup, depression, love, hate, pain, hurt


Mary E. Green
Mary E. Green

Temple, GA

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