In The Lord's Name {Lavender Lanterns}

In The Lord's Name {Lavender Lanterns}

A Poem by Fabric Pulse

Touchy subject. Religion.


Think back to the bible story of Adam & Eve, the first people created. God's original intent was for them to live all the days of their lives in the presence of a loving father never knowing pain and suffering, each generation to come growing in the light of him. Why that plan didn't work was because Eve got tempted to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge by the serpant in the Garden Of Eden, which we now know was Satan in form, and she gave in. God had no choice but to ban them from paradise and curse them with a long and tiresome life. Just imagine if Eve hadn't touched that fruit, the world would be nothing like it is, there wouldn't even really be a world to have to worry over falling apart. We would have forever been in eternal bliss. We were all born with a "hole in our soul" that can only be filled by God himself. Many of us have tried to fill this void with other things, just doesn't fit.


Robert Clive once believed, "It appears I am destined for something. I will live." Maybe living is just breathing with existence, a surgeon formula of 'My life was saved for a divine purpose.' If we believe in ourselves we'll fly far away to a place of dreams in beauty and to the right at wrong, demon fire and the devil's sacrificial worship slain. Mathew Arnold once worded, "Resolve to be thyself and know that he who finds himself loses his misery." Douglas Noel Adams once said, "When you blame others you give up your power to change." Edward Weeks once left, "To live with fear and not be afraid is the final act of maturity." Booker T. Washington once dared say, "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." David J. Wolpe once had written, "Prayer is less about changing the world than it is about changing ourselves." John Ford once wrote, "You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message on your heart." Ella Wheeler Wilcox once put, "With every deed you are sowing a seed though the harvest you may not see." Kahlil Gibran once let speak, "It is when you give yourself that you truly give." I believe that this is teaching summed up how we should knit together our inmost being. 'In a heartbeat things are strained, precious options return so drained.' With the choices we make God wants us to be at peace, to recognize that are works are wonderful, splendid soft pillows are what we land on. The river running through wildfire can purify scars. Jesus loves. For the Christian souls, WWJD (What would Jesus do) when the times for you having to forgive yourself and others for doubts, arises? Be the best possible version of yourselves that you can be, bleed out encouragement allowing your confessions to the path of recovery and the road to healing for some be hope, their guiding light. Feel alive within each moment, cherish the memories and bathe in the everlasting glory of the lavender seasons. With each lesson that you learn from hurt's vampire potential, soar above and beyond the silver clouds. To anyone that needs those saving words heard in their silence, you are loved. You are wanted. You are beautiful. {Love Yourself.}





{Enter into his gates with Thanksgiving

and praise, be thankful onto him and bless his name.

~Psalms 100:4}

Reaching out for me,

I'm reaching back for you.

In the lord's name with lavender lanterns,

I pray for those deserving and those that are not.

Fill my heart with who you are,

don't cover me with childish

understanding of religion.

Let there be faith with quarters in your slot.

A lesson in Christianity, everyone doubts,

we still believe but when life puts pain

in our grasp we'll question if he's there,

a cross in the sand represents humanity.

Share with me Jesus kindness for enemies

and love for those in world hate,

share with me your sweetest miracles

and the pulse of rain blessed to create.

Dance with me through these storms.

Forgive the siren song luring sailors

on this mermaid sea as we all find

our goodbye to Winter tunes and

rinse the petals of today's flower for

our eternal Summer's rise in care bags

with the informative bug that

moves in and swarms.

{Faith is the substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things not seen. ~Hebrews 11:1}

Taken in by letters to Heaven,

we're corruption from the sins of seven.

The gift of life is forever,

not the pain but the light reaping,

one day read compassion, right now heaping.

{Blessed are the merciful,

for they shall receive mercy.

~Mathew 5:7}

Unforgettable moments,

the wings of soaring,

say "I know you're real God"

and end the misery whoring.

For those with little belief

for things God related I say

trust the proven that you've seen,

go with the heart of reason but

with the grass that's most green.

The book of revelations states

many have beens and comings,

the lives in suffering from exhaust

get a breath of fresh air long

due from the daily Holocaust.

In biblical terms,

I dote on what my mind comprehends,

what I live inside of,

everything I am when push comes to shove.

{To love the lord with all your heart, mind, soul,

and strength, accept your neighbor as yourself,

experience forgiveness for others. ~Mathew 6:12}

We as people sometimes equal

snakes in their own venom,

angels among us,

we only survive by what they make,

hidden jewels have rivers that ache.




Living in these words, we must remember to PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH. If we don't act on what we say in such courageous speeches, what good does it do pushing our words on someone else? We are good people with kind and generous hearts only if we feed the appetite and nurture the spirit. BREATHE today, clear your thoughts, and enlighten your pleas to life for you to be better. There is room for improvement and we must color our prayers. Give when you can no longer give and you shall see sunshine. Our days of walking on this Earth are numbered, don't spend your thoughts on being dead, death will come soon enough on it's own schedule. Don't let depression win and beat you down, you can't be defeated. God will listen if you empty your pain onto his shoulders, he answers what you ask of him, but in his own mysterious ways. Stand with clear intention, alert the opinionated, play with abandon, devise your dreams, show self-discipline, let GOD gain judgment, and take control of the blank future in front of you. Scribble me a story, yours, and never pull out. Have amazing discoveries and explore the oceans of emotions that sing an addicting jingle. Be brave, because you are, and hang from morality vines. Dreams come true belong to those who earn getting them. With sincere hope that you'll find yourselves wisely, I leave you to wonder upon the inner workings of your designs.

© 2011 Fabric Pulse

Author's Note

Fabric Pulse
Again, if you do not appreciate God, please just don't leave any comments, be respectful. I do not charge at your page and leave hurtful opinions in a harsh manner so why would you do it to mine? If you're going to be critical be nice and justified in it able to convince me to see your point, otherwise it is meaningless.  

"Midnight laughing cleanses you." ~Unknown Author.

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Posted 9 Years Ago

My middle name is Eve! Goodness, now I am sad. Eve how could you? It's just a name, a label. The poem is beautiful. And fyi, I am commenting on my first review. I actually wasn't done. I pushed submit before I could think. Haha.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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