The Story of Baby:  Part 2

The Story of Baby: Part 2

A Story by Omegax45

An update on our official member of the family Baby. Please read The Story of Baby first before reading this.


The Story of Baby:  Part 2

by omegax45



                        It has been five months since the vets had told us that Baby would not survive the month of July.  As of this writing, it is now December and miracles do happen.  Baby, so far, has beating the odds.

                        Baby is now at four pounds from her last vet visit, gaining two pounds since July.  She may never grow any bigger than that of an adolescent kitten (ten week-old), but she is full of energy.  She runs, jumps, and perches in high places.  She does not fear the other cats we have in our home.  In fact, she is known to even bully them at times.  Play-fighting, I mean.  She also knows how to use her cute face to get whatever she wants.  She is also fearless, jumping from high places as if her injured leg doesn't bother her at all.  If one wasn't really paying attention, they would mistaken her for a healthy kitten.

                        Still, the signs of her condition are still present.  If she lies down on her side on a flat surface, she has difficulty breathing and resorts to breathing out of her mouth.  We would have to move her to her cat bed, which we made lumpy to keep her upper body supported and ease her breathing.  My mother also discovered that Baby's heart is on her right side instead of her left, possibly due to when her organs were shoved into her rib cage.  I felt it beating one when petting her.  We watch her carefully when she lies on her right side, which is rare, and help her change sides when she seems distressed.  We also have to watch how much she eats.  With most of her intestines in her ribcage, she feels hungry almost all the time and would beg for food, even if she ate a little while ago.  It is believed due to her stomach being smaller that her digestive system digests the food quickly, leaving her feeling hungry.  If we give her too much, she has difficulty breathing.  It is cute, many a times, when she sees one of us with human food and she does not beg for it.  Rather, she tries to steal it.  She has become very creative in trying to get our meals without us noticing.  However, she has to work on her stealth. 

                        Baby is a miracle in the making.  She doesn't give up, even the worst of times, and she knows that she is in loving and good hands.  The vets may be treating her like any other cat, but they are still determined that she does not have long in this world.  No matter how long she may have, my family and I will make certain that those days are the best, love-filling days, of her life. 

                        And so, dear readers, I come to a close for now with a message for all.  Miracles can happen.  Baby is proof of that.  They may not happen to all, but they do.  All one has to have is faith, and determination.

© 2013 Omegax45

Author's Note

Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays.

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Added on December 11, 2013
Last Updated on December 11, 2013
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