The hell I went through

The hell I went through

A Poem by Shugotenshi1692

my life

was happy once

i laughed

i played with other kids

i had fun

now it's different

back when i was young

really young

i was treated in a way

it has effected my for 3 years

since i got away from my step-dad

he abused me for 9 years

he handed me a gun and told

me to shoot him

he played mind games with me

just so he could get a kick

out of it

he hit me several times

so he could feel powerful

how do i know this

because he had no reason to do it

thus is the hell i went through

plus more

© 2009 Shugotenshi1692

Author's Note

this stuff really happened. it has taken me a long time to talk about what i went through. hopefully this will help me in that way. this is dedicated to all the people out there who went or who is going through abuse in any way, shape, or form.

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hey man i hope you can let out more things that you have been holdin within you so you can vent and feel better. i love ya man.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I can empathise, to a degree, with you, and i understand how hard it is to let things out, it hurts more, sometimes, than the act itself did. I was always afraid to tell, afraid people would think what i went through was something i wanted, that i asked for it, because i didnt tell anyone RIGHT away... i let it go on and tried to phase it out, because i figured if i hid inside of myself, then I could make it stop happening, that if i didnt put up a fight theyd just go away... but it only made things worse, and i FINALLY got the courage to speak out, and i have never felt so relieved, and i feel that relief in this piece.

It is painful, still, but its a hopeful kind of pain, its one of the steps of greiving.

This piece is sad, very sad, but i feel a hope in this, i driven desire to move forward with life, to get past, to put behind, and to become a stronger person in doing so. I commend you for being strong about it, a lot of people cant handle situations like this. That you made it through, adn are strong enough to talk about it, says much about your character.

What doesnt kill us makes us stronger, and people like us, are the pillars of the earth. I think this piece, and your openess, will help others one day, i feel that YOU will help others like you, someday.

My deepest apologies for what has happened to you, my sympathy and my empathy, and my best wishes go out to you, you can make it through(hug)

Posted 13 Years Ago

You are not alone in your experiences hun. Voctor Hugo said that Trouble overcome is Strength gained. You wrote about it which is healing. GET IT OUT! This is a very brave and honest write. Not many people can write from the write especially not about themselves and their experiences. I commend you!

Posted 14 Years Ago

I'm so sorry this happend. It has happend to me as well.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I am 5'7.5'' tall. I have strawberry blond hair. I am into the goth and emo stuff. I am a solid, 100% poet. I do not like to write books or plays. Just pure poetry!!!!! more..

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A Poem by Shugotenshi1692

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