A Poem by Ovi-Odiete

Poet's Notes about The Poem...... Sadnes engulfs the heart and mind and all that is left is gloom was inspired by an intelligent written by Sheila Bowler Kline. Titled MISERY


Bewildered and haunted through flashes of memories that relive themselves
I sit and ponder and look into the sky
there is no pain greater than been lost in SELF
battling with a STRONG shadow called SADNESS
she stalks and haunts and bring you moments of agony
she comes along with her sister ANGUISH
and they taunt you,
galvanising and pinpointing your mind to the PAST you left behind

OH SADNESS! ! ! ! ! ! !
have you not rendered men a roaming wretch for years?
are you not content with the tears you have drank from your millions of subscribers?
are you not pained because of happiness and her many gifts?
when will you leave the vulnerable ones and stop feeding on their weaknesses?
for how long will you continue to taunt MEN with their horrible past and perceived failure?

You are hopeless and weak and so you feed on people's misery alongside with your heartrending sister called ANGUISH
Leave us alone,
for we do not want to commune with you
you are meant to die alone,
but you have garnered so many souls as your followers
reminding them of their most terrible past
conjuring pieces of AGONY
and feeding them with misery's venom
you are a witch SADNESS
and you dwell in the dark
you mesmerise us with beautiful tragedies and allure us into your deep seeking kingdom
run away from sadness
before she infects you with her incurable disease
SADNESS has no home
and so she roams

Ovi Odiete© 2016 All Rights reserved.

© 2016 Ovi-Odiete

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Added on July 18, 2016
Last Updated on July 18, 2016



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