A Beautiful Night's End

A Beautiful Night's End

A Poem by Philip S.

This poem was deeply inspired by "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost.

My eyes lied there, glassed over, leaving their breath a cold condensation
on the traveling window. 

The lights shimmered across the night's black and passing lake; 
their titian cones standing tall,
a muted, speckling mirage of vista into the parallel - a reach into a magnified mirror-verse. 
Time slowed down as I watched them be fickle and orange.  
Dancing with pulsation, the light seemed as flames, laughing with a devil's eye upon my own.
It herald my sadness; it stirred Woe to sing psalms of joy.
The urge to cry, waited quietly in my throat - patient
on its turn to look through the ostensible window.

The car stopped red, the glowing babel left 
leaving a dim song - a dull lullaby - a gentle wave.
The sound of peace felt frighting,

Capering winds juxtaposed the surreal 
into epiphany. Fog's haze flicked green,
and I moved on.

My eyes, again, sought that pleasant harrow, the seemed portal to the night's reflection.
They found in their pocket an effortless key, 
the one appearing only when chosen, 
the one on the ring - never used, although purposefully entwined.

Given way, 
the mist-orange lamps scored the night's cadence. The impelling fog 
held tight to gloom beams - hastening their blissful goals - exposing their sway,
looking down on me with blurry vengeance.

Raising my collar around my neck, I sunk closer to my seat.
A reclusive domain, where I was King Meddler, the Deceiver.

My friend, the weeping hum of the drive continuing on - moved us ever closer 
to the beautiful night's end,
to the beautiful night's end.

© 2012 Philip S.

Author's Note

Philip S.
I had originally wrote with a horse and carriage, but then truly thought about what feeling I was trying to convey and what I felt at the time. I then re-wrote it to a more contemporary form. I felt the mirror of the horse and carriage with Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening was a distraction from the theme, but also being my favorite poem, and occasional choir rendition, I guess I couldn't help but to imitate a brilliant author whom I have connected with so much.

(Edit 2012: Yes, I added the last two lines as a tribute. Yes, I just love his poem!

Holy redo... first, I can't believe I had Laid instead of lied in the first line for 4 years... I also realized no one could really picture what I was trying to portray, being quote, " very descriptive"... I guess that means I have a bunch of poems to go over, lol. Anyway, I hope it paints more of a picture now, of course - this will always be a work in progress.. )

It is also meant to be very descriptive as the images I saw were so burned in my mind with what I felt at the time.

Written in 2008

Picture by David Parsons http://weblog.pell.portland.or.us

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Added on June 18, 2010
Last Updated on January 31, 2012
Tags: Night, Saddness, End, Falling, Out, of, Love
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