Twilight sun Part II & IV

Twilight sun Part II & IV

A Poem by Aurora(MC)~(POES|A)



Part II

Absonant  as my pen writes the twilight, the red swallowed on horizon and bright

As through a sea of blood under my feet and shrinking mast of my mighty ship

A shadow I make on that red snow and peep into my heart’s hollow

It’s deep as much as my pen spake of grief.

I blinded in that last light and hurled like a beast dreading the songs of holy lies

That have just pained in bright and made me grieve.

They dragged me on my wings and deplumate  me as so fallen humans

They wrenched my limbs and rive my heart out and flinger me in air and I laid forever

On the stones that dank my blood.

I wait for the troth  of  demise but betrayed as it didn’t come to detract,

I laid when the horizon grinned red on my face and poured the last ale

And brutally drank the last sip of me.

Part IV

A world often synonymous with beauty on the horizon,

Meet my eyes you mourned demon load the strength on thee.

Crestfallen light on your wrist burns down your girth

And you can plead, just plead your twilight sun.

Watch the dead sea swallow you in the salts of agony

And drown in the anguish, hundreds of angelic bloodsheds,

Press hold of the thumbprints on your throat, you can't roar.

Sore lugubrious melancholy aired atmosphere,

And downhearted souls dispirited dragons dragged along.

The sob grim hiding in a blue funk rusty smog choking wind,

The nyctophilliac animals howl long the cold-blooded love song

In your lungs and burn.

It's the twilight sun,

Just that twilight sun.

© 2020 Aurora(MC)~(POES|A)

Author's Note

Collab parts from Twilight Sun by R.J.Calzonetti and Aurora (MC)

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looks like you guys are on to something,hell i can see a series for t v

Posted 1 Month Ago

I love that you posted this separately, as well as a collab with Jack. This gives me two different views of your words. Here, I find myself paying more attention to your word crafting (samples below) & I love seeing you work with more complex words, which you do well. I love the complex word-crafting of poets like Rob (bad bunny) & Jack, but I also prefer your style of using the complex words, but also giving your lines room to breathe with more simple & connective words in between the big words. What you do with word crafting is as much about the way the lines FLOW as having an interesting SOUND & this is what makes yours an easier read for me, compared to the other two poets I mentioned. I'm not a fan of comparing, since all poets are unique, but this is just a preference thing with me. I'm a prose writer, first & foremost, so I like the way your poetry tells a story as much as you also play with word sounds (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

ooops! forgot to paste samples that I love:

"Watch the dead sea swallow you in the salts of agony"
"And downhearted souls dispirited dragons dragged along"

These lines are great, as far as word sounds!

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Thanks margie i'm glad you like it so much :)
I like the red fading sun likened to a red snow > and you as a sail boat sailing out to meet the red sun on the far distant horizon
Often have boats being seen as riding off out of the picture into the red sun and oblivion - we cannot see whence they sail
Another country. Another world. where ever they go it is away from us
Will you ever return?
Or have you escaped this world and all its restrictions, trappings and sorrows?
I wonder?

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Thank you so much pete.
Wild Rose

1 Month Ago

Going to read Part 2 later

1 Month Ago

Enjoy! .

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