A Haiku about Autism

A Haiku about Autism

A Poem by PancakesRgr8

Gentle teardrops fall

From their oblivious eyes

They don’t realize


Their destructive hands

Do things they never wanted

They mourn in such pain


Everybody stares

It’s not hard to tell

They are trapped in hell

© 2012 PancakesRgr8

Author's Note

Some of it rhymes, but I actually didn't mean for it to.

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I feel the message has been shared to some extent.
More work on the same subject may also be rewarding.
Lovely work.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Nice, but in the 3rd haiku, there's 5 syllables on all lines. It's still a great poem, but I just want to point that out.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I approve of this to be honest i saw your contest and was disgusted with some of the responses i have aspergers my self and....... it hurts i may be more aware i may be better then all of them since i only have aspergers but i'm still on the spectrum and it still hurts i'm happy that you don't just say there oblivious to everything because some people think that and it aggravates me beyond all belief at least you can see that some of them understand some of them are trapped in a body and mind that they resent to an extent. You don't offer pity you tell the sad truth and i thank you for that as a speaker for anyone who is on the spectrum we are people to and should always be thought of as such

also it doesn't rhyme i know you said you didnt want it to but them im curious do you have a rythm pattern im just not understanding but any good message goodbye

Posted 11 Years Ago

Autism is pretty serious for a lot of people who have it. You should try out the book Out of My Mind, wich isn't about autism but has to do with another mental disability called celebral palsy. In it the main character can't even talk, and it tells about her hardships and celebrations, along with how she overcomes problems such as stereotypes... Good poem by the way. Kind of got distracted =)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Pancakes, pancakes On a really warm plate With butter, syrup and honey I'm gonna eat 'em all today To the tune of 'Norwhals' or something more..

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A Poem by PancakesRgr8