In Vondelpark

In Vondelpark

A Poem by PatrickPink

Amsterdam is beautiful and there are 1000 reasons everyone should visit


Amber evening embraced us
    Honeyed words dripping from
Our tongues
         A buzzing hive of thoughts
Filled each of our skulls
Rattling from ear to eyeball
        Steps had been taken
To relieve the drone
            This evening and
This bench seemed as good a place as any to

Willow fingers stretching
          To mirror surface not ten feet
Ahead of us
    Trailing over a watercolour
Of coral houses
With crafted snow white stone
Ripples giving oil texture
        Tree limbs brush the walls
      Children's fingers in an art gallery
Striving to understand

        The lonely boat on a
Doll house quay
             Can't have moved far
In all the time it's been there
          Laugh at its irrelevance
Five foot boat
                            Ten foot pond

        In to silent appreciation
Right here
         Where the colours blend and twist
Flow out the painted lines and whirl
    Before our eyes
Veneer of sunset honey tints
The scene
        The three of us
The water
The light
The evening
                I could have sat there forever
And lost no time at all.

© 2019 PatrickPink

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I simply love to use honey bee terms in my poems, (not yet those yet posted) as I admire them bees so I was admiring your awesome poem , sell its impressive imagery, muse and poetic effects wow. Kudos.

So nice to read from your inking again,
Plz Pleez do comment/review my newest poem too

Posted 5 Years Ago

A wonderful masterpiece of portrait poetry as you give us your impressionist's eye view of this Amsterdam scene. If you like Amsterdam, and haven't done so already, check our Bruges. Your word paintings will simply flow like water.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Bruges is up there on my list of places to visit, along with a whole load of other European cities! .. read more

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Added on February 5, 2019
Last Updated on February 5, 2019
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