Social Events This Week

Social Events This Week

A Poem by PatrickPink

The weather has been topsy turvy these days and it brings with it a substantial amount of energy

A streetlight chandelier
Turns the back yard
Into a ballroom
A tempest of conversation
Frantic energy
A microcosm of a storm
Contained within four walls
The rain dominates the chatter
Waxing lyrical about its travels
The places its been
The things its seen

Stately wrought iron chairs
Respond in piping tones
Discussing the
Political climate of Venezuela
And the pressing societal issues
On their own doorstep

From the gallery come
Disconcordant interjections
Drooping flower gowns
Gaze down from
Flowerpot balconies
Gowns lit in vivid colour
"Back in my day..."
"What they need to understand is..."
Unwelcome intruders
On the discussion

In the trellaces,
All the honeysuckle leaves
Whisper to one another
Discussing how the flowers hues
Really do seem gaudy tonight
Or commenting on
The frantic speed of the dancefloor
At the moment
For it wheels and turns
With frantic energy
As the rain leads
All the loose leaves
In a chaotic dance
Whirling them in
Countless sparkling collisions
Only to bring them
Gracefully down to earth again

Above all others,
The wind moans and
Enables the party,
Orchestrating the din
With a heavy hand

The backyard dances and sings
Until all momentum is lost
With the coming dawn
The sun disturbs the frenzy
The stone is silent
Once more.

© 2019 PatrickPink

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This is a great poem with high originality & also very dynamic in SHOWING your stormy scene. I love how you go back & forth between observing the human aspects of gathering to be energized by a storm, and then the actual storm details. This reminds me of working at a restaurant in my youth where people would gather to watch a rare summer storm. A roaring storm is very energizing! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on March 16, 2019
Last Updated on March 16, 2019
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Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

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