Shhh, Don't Wake Chloe

Shhh, Don't Wake Chloe

A Poem by Chloe..Across the Universe

i'm out so shh let the silly girl sleep .. hehehe



 Look at her
so angelic, ah
she speaks of love, peace
writes love poems
all hearts and flowers
roses and champagne
me, a weed and a beer will do
she makes me sick..Miss Goody Two Shoes..

Oh, let me introduce myself
this is Chloe
only the dark side of Chloe
and we all have a dark side, yes dear reader even you
you know you do

I have some things to say
she is too 'mealy mouthed' as her mother, our
would say,
oh, you don't know what mealy mouthed is?
It is having meal in your mouth
which causes you not to be able to
still, she talks a lot
she does not say what needs to be said

I am tired of all the whiners and naggers
the thieves  and beggars she lets in her, our house
Down on their luck she says,they will only be here a short while
Ha Ha
I'd tell them to leave but she won't let me

Sick of her little peace and love, let's all help each other
cause it ain't workin'
Where is the peace?
in her, our, house there is no peace
there is no harmony
Lots of chaos
loud mouthed selfish people who walk all over her, me
if there can be no peace at home
how can there ever be peace in the world?
I don't see too many people boarding the peace train
what a silly girl

Oh, I think she may be waking, shhh...
have yet to finish my piece...
the person she sacrificed a part of her , our life for
sick or not he should be kicked out the door
she , we care for him, thank you?
the middle finger as if it is her, our fault he is sick
What does little Chloe do..flashes the peace sign and tells him
everything is going to be just fine

She keeps me well reigned
tonight though
I tricked her to sleep
made her mind think of all the worries and woes so she
got one of her famous panic attacks
had to take her little blue pills
so now she is fast asleep

Ah, so sweet
it is sickening to me
the dark side of the moon
she's waking now
sleep she does little of
I hate her
I love her
she will kill me for this
but she knows
united we stand
divided we fall

Go back to sleep
Chloe and dream
of flowers  roses and champagne
while you are sleeping I can
this poem she will hate
and I smoked the last cigarette

Shhh, don't wake Chloe
She's an angel when she sleeps
I think
I may be sick
Don't wake Chloe
the taste is too saccharine


© 2010 Chloe..Across the Universe

Author's Note

Chloe..Across the Universe
I looked for an hour for the reviews to this silly one .. there were some good ones. but i am about to fall asleep .. then SHe might come out .. lol
Sybil? Sybil who?
im kiddin!

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Featured Review

This is bloody brilliant Chloe, we all have the altra ego whispering in our ear and you nail the bar steward perfectly in wonderful read. this sweet chloe reminds me of myself and I like myself despite being a real b***h from hell at times, that's the altra ego real b*** I am still full of love and most love me for it. The haters can f**k off!lol Grinning at you, LLB but stemming the flow of her ego!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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This is riveting you have given your self to your readers,
and it works well, but you are like a cut diamond many facets,
more sides to surrender, cant wait to see more of Chloe
enjoyed this so much!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Sybil...LOL. Reminds me a bit of Gollum and Smeagol. An older write, but still pertinent, right? We all have two sides inside us.

Posted 10 Years Ago

oohh you've painted the shivery duality sharply here~ the playful aspect makes it all the more maccabre~ captivating !

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is an awesome dialog with yourself. Particularly so as I think it is true for a lot of people. All of those who strive to be good, to be better, and don't entirely give in to the more base requirements of our animal nature, are bound to suffer this duality. Like when we want to help a friend, but part of us just can't be bothered.....! This is quirky and whimsical, and yet dark and honest.... duality again! Those cynical parts inside of us always hold our better selves in contempt, just as our better selves may hold the actions of our cynical inner soul to be contemptible. The only way to really achieve happiness is to reconcile them. This is a slightly creepy, and yet also somewhat lighthearted, poem. We have all wakened in the night, thinking thoughts, and feeling feelings, that seem distorted, almost alien, in the light of the morning. Here, that alien, distorted voice speaks freely. Great concept and well executed!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Hahaha, oh Chloe this was classic!

Yes, the inner to our outer, voice... can't live with it, can't control it...

You are a giving person, bless you.

I'd give you a high five but I only give, high two's...


Posted 10 Years Ago

Our dark sides give us permission to be strong when we need to, to be selfish when we need to, to stand against others when we need to. As you say we all have a dark side. Blending them both makes us who we are. Light and Shadow play together to enhance each other. Beautifully done Chloe. :) BTW, if you have psych issues I know a good nurse :D LOL

Posted 10 Years Ago

I like how you show the darker side. We all do have that side to us but I don't think what you are describing is a dark side it is the back bone when enough is enough and we won't be disrespected. Great work and creative write.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I found myself reading this, with a smeddle voice! But I was captivated all the way along. Brilliant. MY precious...LOL

Posted 11 Years Ago

... this, reminds me of the dimensia, that fills the void within me... my BPD disorders, and everything wrong going in my head! lol
i loved it!
you're an angel, and angels, are cutest when their all dark and stuff, thats as cute as they come!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Chloe this made me laugh, but maybe it isn't a laughing matter, my first thought to this was that it is your muse speaking, but as the piece progressed, I did get the feel that maybe it was another personality that you may possess. Whatever you are trying to portray, it is excellent in the fact that the mind at times questions itself and we should always stand up for whatever we believe and shout it from the roof top, no matter which personality comes out, it is still your mind and your beliefs.
Glad I stopped to read this.


Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Chloe..Across the Universe
Chloe..Across the Universe

Smalltown, USA, AR

Sometimes i feel like an alien in a strange land..can you relate? I love people and friends are just that to me , friends-if you request me as a friend it would be nice if you read something I have .. more..


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