WW2 Fiction

WW2 Fiction

A Story by Adam

This is a story that asks the question, "what if Hitler had succeeded in capturing all of Europe", This is a teen fiction.

“This just in”, the radio crackled to life. “Prime Minister Winston Churchill, has surrendered The British Empire to German Nazi forces. A sudden hush fell over the room. “Chancellor Adolf Hitler has ordered that all Jews turn themselves in by the morning or risk certain death.” I was only 6 when Hitler had gained all of Europe. My name is Robert Sissen. I lived in downtown London. I had lived through all of the raids and bombings that had endured during the war. I knew that the war was over, but, my life had taken a turn for the worse. 

The next thing I remember is a thick German Accented man coming over the radio. “Thee Chancellor Adolf Hitler Has declared All of Great Britain part of the German empire and wishes to bring order to the Great Empire.” After that my parents, June Sissen and James Sissen, both put me to bed. I heard my mother weeping in the hallway and my father comforting her. 

The next day at school a German Nazi soldier was there to tell us that our teacher, Mrs. Soloway had been taken away due to the fact that she was Jewish. The soldier taught us the lesson that day. All the soldier talked about was how good and fair a leader Hitler was to all of his, “subjects”. One of my classmates, Bobby Jones, raised his hands and asked why Mrs. Soloway had been taken away if Hitler was, “good and fair”. The soldier was silent for a moment, then walked out of the room. When he came back he had two other soldiers, who looked just as threatening, took Bobby by the arms and carried him away. Bobby kicked and screamed and some of the children started crying. The soldiers carried Bobby into the hallway. The soldier that was teaching our lesson said that Bobby had to be taken away for some, “rehabilitation”, and that was the last I saw of Bobby Jones. 

I went home that day, still thinking about, Bobby and whether what happened to Bobby would happen to me. I knew at that moment that my life had changed forever.

Years passed and the life for my friends and family had changed gradually and slowly. Every flag that hung outside or inside a classroom was changed to that sickening swastika. All of our text books were taken away and burned. The new text books taught only of Hitler and how “gracious” and “kind” he is. I of course did not believe any of the propaganda spread by our new Gestapo teachers. I was 13 when the public executions began. The new Nazi Empire had stated that no one under any circumstances can speak bad of our kind Feuer. Many people insisted that, the law was absurd and they continued to speak down to the Feuer. The first execution happened on April 5, 1952. The people who had been condemned had been lined up in the center of Piccadilly Circus and where blind folded. The Nazi soldiers then took their positions and readied their guns. The scene resulting from the gun fire was unspeakable. 

I had been forced to wear an, as I said before, sickening swastika on my arm to show my support towards Hitler. As time went on Hitler’s Nazi forces had been spreading their empire throughout the eastern world. On February 4, 1956 Hitler had taken All of Russia and China. 
All of the world to us seemed to be plastered with a swastika and people shouting, “hail Hitler!”, it was disgusting. I had few friends at school due to my beliefs about the Feuer.  There was Christopher, Duncan, and Laura. They where the only people who would reach out to me, and me to them.

Hitler had destroyed all of the synagagues in all of Europe, which he now called, “The Nazi Empire of Germania”. My friends and I had been witnessing these things for to many years, I knew, and they knew, it was time to do something about it. 

End of Chapter One.

© 2010 Adam

Author's Note

ignore my grammar. This is my first piece of writing that was not needed for school sooo, don't judge that. I also did very little research so some of my details may be false or incorrect.

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I think it could use a little bit of editing but it is good over all i think that it flows well.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I dont see your writing dude...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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