Harry Potter: A Second Chance

Harry Potter: A Second Chance

A Story by Peppa

Date: April 2, 2045 Time: 7:31 p.m

“Ok. I’m ready,” 

“Are you sure?” 


A young woman known by the name Fea stood near her life long friend and mentor Harry James Potter. He was going to begin the most dangerous ritual known to man, one that had never been completed. She handed over the needed materials. “You know, with you being the head of the Auror department, you would think I’d have gotten used to you doing something stupid.”

“Yeah, but this isn’t stupid,” said Harry. “If we do this correctly, I can save my parents, Sirius, Cedric, Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron. Everyone.” 

“Or...you can go to therapy like everyone else.” Fea laughed.

“No,” said Harry more aggressively than he meant to. “I have to do this. The wizarding world never recovered from the Battle of Hogwarts. Most of the wizarding heirs died. If I go back and do things right, our world will have a future.”

“I know. I know, but you can’t blame me for trying,” said Fea. “Ok, so...what do we do?”

“Well, I lay out the materials in a specific pattern, carve the runes, say the incantation, think about the time I want to be sent to. Then...bam. I’m there. Then I go through the phases.”

“Which are?”

Harry exhaled in annoyance. “Phase 1; Save my parents. Phase 2; Turn in the rat. Phase 3; Destroy Voldemort’s horcruxes. Phase 4; Merge myself with my one-year-old self. Phase 5; Have a Voldemort free life.”

“Sounds too good to be true,” Fea said.

“That’s because it is. I never was good with plans. That was Hermione’s job. I’ll most likely screw something up somewhere.” said Harry as he laid the materials around an odd-looking rug in the middle of their small trailer. He knelt in the middle and became silent. After several minutes, he grabbed a small needle and began to carve small shapes into the rug. “Hermione insisted that I study Runes on the side during my sixth year.” Once he finished carving the runes, he stood up and started muttering an odd incantation.

“Harry?” Fea stepped forward. “Are you ok?” 

“Algos tempers teme gue allaer de loov. Algos timpero teme gue allaer de loov. Algos timpero teme gue allaer de loov. Algos timpero teme gue allaer de loov.” Harry repeated. He turned to Fea. “Love you, sis,” With a blinding light, he was gone. And in his place was...Harry. 

“Did it work?”

“Yes, I think the other me made it.” ‘Harry’ replied. Fea sighed in relief as she hugged her mentors' doppelganger. She cried into his shoulder for nearly an hour before she fell asleep on his chest. All was well,


A flash of bright light consumed a small street in Godric's Hollow as time and space folded. A singular figure stood out in the small town. Leaves flew through the air as fall weather showed itself. The wind was silent as the figure approached a single home. He stood there for a long time before he rose his fist. He stood on the top step of the stairs leading to the door for a long time. Finally, he knocked on the ash door, causing two people inside the home to jump out of their seats. A dark-haired man approached the door cautiously, his wand in hand as a red-headed woman ran up the stairs. The man flung the door open to find a man, who looked very much like himself, his arms raised. “Who are you? Where’s Peter? How did you find us?” The man asked, pointing his wand at the man's chest. 

The man chuckled and lowered his hands. “Well, that would be very hard to explain at the moment. Um, what is today’s date?”

“Today’s date?” the dark-haired man asked, his wand still trained on the stranger. “October 26th, 1981. Why?”

“May I come in Mr. Potter?” the man asked, pointing into the home.

“How do you know my name?” 

“That all comes with my explanation.” the man said. The dark-haired man reluctantly let the man in, and yelled, “Lily! He’s not here, but we still have a visitor!” The red-headed woman named Lily ran down the stairs, her wand raised. Once she saw her husband James was ok, she lowered the wand. “Who are you?” she asked as she entered the living room.

“Please, sit down Mrs. Potter.” the man said, motioning towards the couch. Lily and James sat down and waited for the man’s explanation. “Ok, I know you most likely won’t believe me, but...I am from the future.”

James and Lily looked at each other. James turned to the man. “Ok………..who are you?”

“You won’t believe this either.” said the man. “I...am Harry James Potter...your son.” James looked surprised, but Lily had a small smile that spread across her face. “So, you put two and two together then?” Harry asked.

“I think so,” Lily said. “You do look a lot like Harry, black hair, green eyes. You look...older, and that scar. Where did you get it?” she asked, pointing to the lightning bolt scar on Harry’s forehead. “Did something happen?”

“Yes. In five days, Voldemort will storm through this door, and kill you both. Once he does that, he will turn on me. After his killing curse rebounded off of me, a piece of his soul embedded itself in me. This scar is Voldemort.” James pulled out his wand once again. “Hmm, well. I can tell you that his soul cannot control me, at least not now.”

“So...why are you here? Now?” asked Lily.

“On October 31st, the paradox will set, and this me will cease to exist. I have five days to right wrongs, and kick some a*s.” 

“Ok...so. What do you need from us?” James asked.

“I need...two things. One; For you, Lily, and me...baby me...to leave this place. Two; I want the f*****g rat.” said Harry. 

“Rat?” James asked. “You mean Peter?” 

“Yes, I mean Peter! I have a plan, but I need your help.” Harry said. James and Lily nodded. “Call Dumbledore.”


POP! Albus Dumbledore appeared in Godric’s Hollow, summoned by James and Lily Potter who were currently in hiding under the Fidelius Charm. He approached the door and knocked. “Come in!” Dumbledore turned the silver doorknob and pushed open the ash door. He entered to find a middle-aged man, standing in the entryway, glaring daggers. “Are you well James?”

“I am not James.” said the man. Dumbledore thought for a minute, then froze. He fumbled with his robes, pulling out his wand. “Expelliarmus! Petrificus Totalus!” the man yelled. Dumbledore’s wand shot out of his hand as he fell to the ground, landing in the mans waiting hands. “Harry!” Lily yelled as she ran into the entryway. “What are you doing?”

“This b*****d stuck me with the Dursleys! I was tortured and abused for sixteen years because this a*****e didn’t do his job and free Sirius!” Harry yelled.

“What are you talking about?” James asked as he too entered the entryway.

“When you two died, Sirius went after the f*****g rat, getting himself sent to Azkaban for betraying you, killing twelve muggles, and killing Pettigrew!” yelled Harry. “Sirius went to Azkaban without a trial, and Remus wasn’t around, so this asshat sent me to the Dursleys. He knew how to free Sirius, but didn’t do anything until my third year!” 

“I see,” James said.

“Finite Incantatem!” Harry yelled. Freeing Dumbledore from his invisible bonds. Dumbledore slowly stood up and took his wand, still confused by what was happening. “I’m from the future all-powerful jackass. Surprised you haven’t figured it out yet.” Harry grabbed the old man's arm, and forcefully pulled him into the living room “Sit.” Harry said, shoving Dumbledore into the couch. “Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” Lily sighed. “I’ll take care of it.” she quickly dashed up the stairs to tend to baby Harry. Harry sat down and continued. “So, there is a reason I needed you here old man.”

“Do not speak to me in such a -” 

“Shut the hell up! When I speak, you’re quiet. Now, I called you here because the Potters need to move from here. Peter Pettigrew has given Voldemort the Potters’ secret. Riddle will strike in five days.” said Harry.


“Yes, he gave up and told Riddle. He was a spy among the Order of Phoenix working for Riddle,” said Harry.

“I see. What can I do?” Dumbledore asked.

“I need you to keep Sirius and Remus away. I don’t want either of them to do anything stupid,” said Harry.

“That’s it?”, “Yes.” 

“Oh, I was hoping that I would be of more assistance,” said Dumbledore. “Do you need the Orders’ assistance? A security detail?”

“No. I already have a plan to end Riddle and capture the f*****g rat. Once I do that, I will have to merge with my younger self. If I don’t, the paradox will erase myself and younger Harry from existence.”

“WHAT!?!?” James shouted, causing more cries to come from upstairs. “Yes, if I fail to finish the ritual, little me will die.” 

“Ok, so what do we do?” asked James as he stood from the couch pacing back and forth across the room. 

“Find me two corpses.”

© 2019 Peppa

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