I know what to say

I know what to say

A Poem by Percy Pound

In a few days, i'll get time
To help you grow and get rid of that grime,
Hidden underneath thick, hard skin,
And i'll get inside that heart you never let anybody in.

You've been wearing a mask 
To hide your true tasks.
But not with me, with me.
So take it off, back away,
Trust me, I know just what to say.

You say it's over, that you're free,
But you just can't look at me.

My eyes are up here, 
Not in the gutter.
You're lying to yourself,
Anyone can here your stutter.

Take me by the hand,
It'll be okay.
Are you sure you really want to stay?

I feel your heartbeat,
Just like mine.
Missing a few beats,
But still alive all the same,
All the time.

Broken, but still up for a fight.
Dark, but still illuminating the world,
Like an old, flickering city street light.
Arrogant, but you still have half a brain.
Passionate, and still in it, alive all the same.

I mean what I say, 
And I say what I mean.
So if you're crazy,  
Please come with me.

A veteran in this war, 
But what are you fighting for?
The sick, the poor?
The broken, or the torn?

To win them over, start with yourself.
You can't go on, that's a fact.
So hold on during this brutal attack.
Take my hand, because I definitely understand,

I'm a philosopher in a child's body,
A fool with all the tools, but can't seem to get through you.
I won't let history repeat itself, because i'm not a constant.
We're all variables, outsiders.
So trust me, you're not unimportant, 
A king, a queen; not some pawn on the board.
I swear I won't sacrifice you, 
To win the match.
I'll cherish you forever, if you
-or me- 
Come Back...

© 2016 Percy Pound

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wow it's really romantic. that's all the I need to say your majesty *bow* hahaha

Posted 4 Years Ago

Percy Pound

4 Years Ago

Ha ha thanks your excellence. If I recall, some of your poems were really romantic as well. Good wor.. read more

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Added on February 29, 2016
Last Updated on February 29, 2016


Percy Pound
Percy Pound


HI. This is awkward; you found my profile... So...I enjoy writing, and I will admit that I like to write a lot of poetry. I might also be writing a novel... okay bye, or stay, if you want. Haha. T.. more..

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A Poem by Percy Pound