A Story by Joan Thomas

A true life experience. A wave of energy/light appeared to me several times, or over me I should say, as I lay half awake half asleep in my bed at 15 yrs. old. This happened the month after my mom expired.





A friend saved my story and I am greatful. It is called Indigo, and it is 100% true. All my stories are.




This is a "thing" I have experienced, more than one time, over 23 yrs. ago.  It happened in the wee hours of the morning about a month after my adoptive mother passed away.  She expired December 17th, 1981.  I was just 15 yrs. old.  It was January 1982.  I had moved in with my sister who lived five minutes away from the home I grew up in, in Elmont, Long Island.  Nassau County, NY.  I had to live with my sister, per my mom, because my father was abusive, reclusive, and just plain ole didn't ever give a s**t about anything or anyone.  So to my sister's I went.  She lived with her husband, Phil; irish/italian redneck. Is there such a thing?   To him women always wear skirts, don't get short haircuts, and he was a "do as I say, not as I do' person.  I hate that. They have two girls, Cheryl and Jennifer, who at the time were 11 and 12, I believe.


I had the room upstairs, the attic, which was split in half.  One half for me, the other half for Phil's bullshit files of I don't know what, and his guns. He would hunt deer and bear. Just awful to kill if you ask me, but he loves it.  The rooms were separated by a curtain.  There was no heat in the winter and air in the summer.  His part was yellow, my part I painted violet.  I was given my mother's twin bed to sleep in.  We were poor and noone could afford to buy me anything, so all i had was hand me downs.


One night, as I am drifting off to sleep somewhere in lucidity, I hear this loud whipping noise. It was getting progressively louder. It also sounded as if it were getting faster if that makes any sense.  I felt a shaking inside me like you feel when you are on a roller coaster, and you drop.  My guts dropped, the whipping sound got louder, and an area above my bed got colder.  The bed starts shaking uncontrollably because of the "whipping".  It lifts off the ground, the sheets are moving and I am startled shitless.  I see above me this glorious Indigo/sapphire blue neon light.  it is spinning around and around and around and around, faster and faster, louder and louder.


How I wanted to go into it. I don't know.  The noise and the shaking frightened me, but the light did not.  The light was soothing and wonderful, and just astoundingling beautiful to look out. It was neon.  It was all aglow.   Never in my life had I experienced moving light like this.  I have experienced the "roller coaster" sensation, that would always happen as I would leave my body, or astral project, but this was different.  I didn't leave my body.  I was as wide awake and as lucid as I am now writing this.  I was frightened, excited, mesmerized, confused, bewildered, and in awe all at the same time.


I kept thinking, "if I could go into this, where would I go?".   Then it was over.   As quickly as it came, it left.  I didn't want it to end.  I was so mesmerized by the light I had stopped noticing the bed was off of the floor.   I was actually sad it was over.  I coudln't figure out, was this my mother trying to communicate with me? Maybe an other worldy being? Whatever it was, I wanted more.  I was not done with "it" yet, and I had hoped it was not done with me.   This happened three more times within a three month period.   I only told person of this.  Kathy Y. 


Kathy Y. is an RN, a Reiki Master, numerologist, and dare I say, true psychic.  I had noone else to turned to.  She has been my mentor and teacher, in all area's of the supernatural.  I also met her when I had turned 15, but didn't tell her till mos. after it happened.  She said it was a message from the seventh plane.  A "higher up" was trying to give me or teach me wisdom.  Much needed for me at such a turbulent time in my life, believe me. 


Lets move forward about 20 yrs.  My niece that I spoke of earlier, Jennifer, who is three yrs. younger than me, moved into that room, and that bed, when I moved out.   I was 18, she was about 14.  I went back to the house I grew up in, and shortly thereafter my dad died.  In '93 I decided I had enough and moved to Las Vegas.  I met my husband, Aaron, and got married in 94.  Jennifer and her husband, Anthony, or as I affectionately call him "Dickhead", came to visit me and my spouse in LV, NV.  Now mind you, the bed/light incident was never spoken of.  I dare not tell anyone in my family, at that time, they were not "open" enough, and they already think I am a witch.  They call me spooky Mulder, after Duchovny's role in the X-Files.  Well the night over drinks in Las Vegas, Jennifer says, I have something I HAVE GOT TO TELL YOU.  Do tell! I say .. excited to hear a juicy story.  She states "remember the bed that Mom-Mom slept and, then you then me, that is upstairs in the house on Stone St.?".  "Yes", I reply.  Well.............. it shakes at night, and lifts off the ground., please don't tell anyone Joan, I was so scared, we got rid of it!".   I promised not to speak of it, and told her the story I am telling to all of you here. 


That's It!! That's the end, and all of it is true. Every word.  Indigo since then, is my favorite color.  Until this day, I am still waiting for the neon light to re-appear to me.  I will take any color, and next time, I AM GOING INTO IT.  This is my story, and I am Joan E. Keating.  Thanks for reading this.

© 2008 Joan Thomas

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Joan Thomas
this is a true life story, I am not really looking for reviews, but would be very curious to see if this happened to anyone else..

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I believe that there is much in this world that can't be explained with scientific fact or reasoning. Interesting story and thank you for sharing.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I believe you had an amazing supernatural experience. I have a little research in a lot of types of the supernatural and spiritual. I believe that I have a violet aura, but have been adapting and changing to add indigo colors. Indigo is symbolic of intelligence and psychicism, and those with Indigo auras are supposedly going to lead the world into a new age of peace and understanding. It could be that this experience was a sign that you should join this cause. Unfortunately, I only recognize the color, not the light. I've never heard of anything like that before. Thank you for sharing this experience. I hope my thoughts on it were helpful! : )

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Joan Thomas
Joan Thomas

N. Adams, MA

happy 2011 it has been two yrs since i have logged on, and have not written a thing since, guess you can call it writers block, sure would like to be able to get the "writers feel" back. It has been .. more..

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A Story by Joan Thomas

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A Story by Joan Thomas

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