Diamond Young

Diamond Young

A Poem by Harlequinn Diamond

Prostitution. Written quite a while back.


Diamond young, rough and broke,

How do you like your bloke?

Is it heated, warm or cold,

Does he give, twist or fold…

Like a wooden seated chair,

Reliable, easy, always there

Diamond young, cutting corn,

Be the diamond in my porn.


Lay it out and lay it good,

Watching wifeys outside stood,

Stood to see and stood to cry,

Stood with knife, get set to die,

Lay it soft and lay it hard,

Sprinkled crystal,

Should you discard?

Let them watch your dirty tricks,

Crusty filth, of oil slick thick



Let’s not get too distracted,

Until that oil gets extracted,

Lets not get too worried,

Like a sewer rat you scurried,

To the hanging rope above,

Lets try and fall in love

White sheeted angels Breaking in their heart,

Let their sensibility fall apart

Watching as you fall, as you trip upon your heels,

Passion rots inside an abattoir pig squeal…


The dirt scums up upon your skin,

The picking, itching does begin,

It starts soft and then takes hold,

Thrives on flesh, like meaty mould,

Let’s not forget a cheap valentine,

A grasp, a wish, twined in silk be mine

Your life a wish, a heated dream,

No more smiles, just plain old screams.





Your life lies in velvet, that purple mask,

No escape baby til you finish your task,

He strokes the money, he strokes your curls,

So unusually pretty, dirty gorgeous girl,

Such an odd lass, he holds in his palm,

No smoking stick to keep her calm,

No rubbed up leaves to lick or burn,

No other agenda of which to adjourn,

Just a ruffled smile and painted eyes,

Boxed heart of no surprise,

She could close her eyes, the memory dismiss,

But now she feels each stolen kiss,

It crawls under her white soaked skin,

It rattles her brain like pennies in a tin,

What she thought was easy, neon glitter

Now is painful, getting bitter,

Lost all connections to any exit,

Her dignity a match that’s already been lit,

Blackened ash of familial role,

A sickened way of heartache dole,

Pretty girl confused and lost,

Now in her demons truly locked,

The game won’t end, an addiction too far,

Her own mind zipped up by an electrified scar,

She stalks the night, with dubious sight,

No longer the diamond to light up the night,

Just a sleazy piece of trash,

Always crushed, to forever last,

Not a star but a glimmering lamp,

Casting shadows, her shadow a tramp,

A dirty nightlight, to do with as they please,

A switch to turn on and off the all night sleaze,

All for what, her pain, her heart,

It’s tearing her body slowly apart,

Diamond young, Diamond rough,

Looks like you have had enough,

Cut it straight, and leave it bent,

Leave us the way you went.

© 2008 Harlequinn Diamond

Author's Note

Harlequinn Diamond
:) Be kind..

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Added on July 18, 2008


Harlequinn Diamond
Harlequinn Diamond

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Dear lord...i havent been on here for a while! haha evidence being...i was still 14:] lol Im now HAPPILY 15, possibly a full blown teenager officially...up with her hormones, down with school... AND O.. more..