"Run For The Aisle"

"Run For The Aisle"

A Poem by PoeT4994

"(NOW IS THE TIME), run for the aisle.
(OPEN YOUR EYES), we won't get out of here.
(PRETTY IN WHITE) now wait for a smile.
(WE ARE SO LONELY), we've wrapped ourselves in fear"

If we didn't take photos the day of our wedding do you think we would remember it the same?
Or do you think we would remember the cold sweats the day of.
The times you almost said no.
A year earlier when we swore it would never work out.
How one almost quit.
Or the people we recycled chances off of like a concolation prize pulled per play.
Would you remember the smile at the swiftness of I do...
Or would you remember all of the people that you promised to be with forever back in high school.
Now quick darling, don't miss your flight.
Run for the aisle.
How sick darling, you are in my eyes.
Please wipe your smile.
I can't take this thought, this scrapbook is a lie.
We think it's fine, but forgot how empty we were, and you refuse to see.
You swore there was a coffin in my heart, I swore there was one where my heart used to be and I screamed your name so loud that the dust fell out of my lungs and the neighbors called the cops because they heard the dirt hit the ground and it shook them.
Back then I screamed your name like it was a curse.
Back then I thought your name was f**k at the wall in a lonely room and a blank computer screen.
Back then it wasn't a memory and I held on like we would forget where we came from just in case we made it and yet the only pictures we have left are ones that hold a smile.
These faded photographs are like the stars.
Yes we see their light, and that is beautiful.
But the light we are seeing is from thousands and millions of years ago.
The lights we see of the stars are geourgous, I agree, but it comes from a place where everybody is dead, am I morbid yet because there are still people here.
Do not smile in a picture if you know it took more than that to get here, we are a lie.
Coated in hypocricy.
Kings of the fake, and good held for the poor not to see, we are wealth and we act like we didn't come from peasants at one point.
And we have told ourselves this is the way.
And we were born to believe this is right.
I know it is only in my heart because society told me to believe in it.
And I know God has a will I am destined to find.
We are afraid, held in a straightjacket.
Sure of the day that we will hold a heart and trip to smash it.
So we rush and hold loose, but of the things we were told to do.
Smile, primped hair, nice tie, hold hands, a ring a ring, kiss the bride but not too much.
Now is the time, you can give up.
In every video we will ever take, and every picture we hold like light from a burnt out sun, and the champagne and the wine for the guests and paper struck senseless with a match to light these vows on fire, we are not good enough and yet we are condensending and we take marriage for granted, good God we are ungrateful for having gotten so far we are fake and going to die or least fall sick.
Love did not fail us, no... But we failed it.

"(NOW IS THE TIME), run for the aisle.
(OPEN YOUR EYES), we won't get out of here.
(PRETTY IN WHITE) now wait for a smile.
(WE ARE SO LONELY), we've wrapped ourselves in fear"
-Lyrics in quotations by The Bunny The Bear-"Aisle"

© 2012 PoeT4994

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Added on March 13, 2012
Last Updated on March 13, 2012