A Poem by Nandiinii Gupta

This is a twist in the story of the knight in shining armor, the princess locked in a tower and the dragon with great power.The story unfolds as the knight rides to his princess's rescue...or does he?

Let me tell you a tale, a story, a lesson
of a knight in shining armor
of a dragon, with immense power
of a princess locked in a tower.
On a glittery, gold morning
with sunrays kissing the rooftops
A knight in shining armor
Packs a little box.
The box was full of treasures
A gift for his damsel in distress.
However, little did the knight know, 
she had never called out for help.
So on a glittery, golden day
Awaiting whatever lay,
The knight set out on his horse, sword in hand,
To a far-off, unheard land.
The princess of the tower 
was brushing her hair 
When the dragon’s shadow appeared on the wall, 
giving her a tremendous scare.
She brushed off her fear, with a gentle smile.
It had been long, since she saw it flying.
Her hand reached out to his scales, domed and cold, 
Scarred with wounds of battles old.
The dragon of power, a beast so great
had learned to love, than to hate.
All green and silver, with majestic wings, 
and scales gleaming like a thousand rings. 
An affectionate bond, between the princess and her pet
Was coming to an end, as the sun set.
For the knight in shining armor had arrived, for his damsel in distress
but little did he know, she had never called out for help.
Seeing the dragon with the princess, 
The knight charged, strength renewed.
And to the save the princess, 
A fearsome battle ensued.
The princess begged the knight to stop, 
but rage and pride had him blind.
To save the princess, killing the dragon
was the only solution he could find.
A massive blow to the beast’s heart
The green- silver scales gone.
In its place was a statue
of a dragon, forlorn.
The knight in blood- stained, shining armor, 
climbed atop the tower
After defeating such power
His knees began to cower.
For the sight that beheld him, 
was not his damsel in distress.
It was a seemingly ordinary maiden, 
wearing the likeness of a mourning dress.
For the dragon, who was her friend
Had loved her to no end.
And the knight satiated with his kill, 
Had suddenly stood still.
For he had taken away a life
and an innocent one at that.
And all his life, his damsel
would curse and call him mad.
He realized his mistake after, 
That he had understood cries when it was the princess’s laughter.
And in the dragon she had found a friend.
she was smiling for joy, not calling for help.
Let me tell you a tale, a story, a lesson
Of a knight who realized mistakes after, 
Of a dragon whose heart could not have been softer.

© 2017 Nandiinii Gupta

Author's Note

Nandiinii Gupta
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Added on November 7, 2017
Last Updated on November 7, 2017
Tags: tales, twists, self composed, friendship, loss, love


Nandiinii Gupta
Nandiinii Gupta

Panchkula, Punjab, India

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