A Poem by Jillian Alexis




Christmas was in the morning,

and Santa was on his way;

Yet there was no tree for a nine year old,

to cheerfully decorate.


Dressed warmly in tattered old rags,

into her backyard she strayed;

Determined to find a Christmas tree,

to bring home and proudly display.


Upon her knees she searched and searched,

until she finally found;

A tree that looked as lonely as her,

so she pulled it from the ground.


She placed it in her living room,

and used twine to hold it in place;

Then she found the few decorations,

that she had managed to save.


She carefully wrapped a towel around,

the bottom of her new tree;

Then she draped a string of popcorn,

‘round the prettiest tree she had seen.


When the ornaments were hung,

she plugged in the strand of lights;

And oh how that lonely tree that she found,

became a most beautiful sight!


"Now Santa will have a place,

to put all our Christmas gifts";

She smiled as she thought out loud,

"I hope all our presents will fit."


She gently woke her mother up,

to see what she had done;

Her Mommy smiled and softly said,

"This is truly beautiful Hon!"


"I'm glad that you like it Mommy,

now we're ready when Santa arrives;

I wanted to put a Christmas tree up,

I knew you would be surprised."


Her mother's expression quickly changed,

from a smile into a frown;

"Mommy, don't you know by now,

that Santa Clause won't let us down?"


"Now listen to me Sweet-pea,

you know how poor we are;

I have no money to buy you gifts,

though I love you with all my heart!"


The child looked at her mother,

and saw tears well up in her eyes;

"We will still get presents Mommy,

‘cause Santa Clause never lies.


We'll both have a blessed Christmas,

just you wait and see;

He'll still leave presents for both of us,

underneath our Christmas tree."


They hung their Christmas stockings,

a pair of worn out socks;

As she tucked her child in bed she said,

"Hush now, no more talk."


When Christmas morning arrived at last,

she sprung from her warm bed;

She yelled down the hall to her mother,

"Let's see what Santa has left!"


Beneath their beautiful Christmas tree,

there were presents everywhere;

Her mother stared in disbelief,

at the gifts piled here and there.


"Mommy, I told you that Santa Clause,

would ne’er let you or me down;

‘Cause I wrote him, "Please bring my Mommy,

something of which she'll be proud."


'Tis then they heard a very loud knock,

upon their old, oak door;

On the porch were many sacks of food,

"How could anyone ask for much more?"


They sat down later that evening,

and thanked God for their Christmas meal;

Then they sang “Happy Birthday Lord Jesus,” and ‘twas then they both knew God was real.

Copyright © 2011 Jillian Alexis

© 2015 Jillian Alexis

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Added on April 3, 2012
Last Updated on February 21, 2015


Jillian Alexis
Jillian Alexis

Mattoon, IL

Hello. My name is Jillian Alexis, and I want to thank everyone for visiting my page, reading my work, and leaving comments. Writing is not only something I do, it is actually who I am. I give GOD all .. more..