Shards of glass

Shards of glass


Spring was full of love and insincerity.

The beginning of a wonderful relationship.


Summer was full of hugs and kisses,

There were plenty of X's and O's.


Autumn was warm, like the inside of your jacket,

I would know cause we always would cuddle.


Then winter came around, and I started to question.

Was are love a lie, a lie, a lie.


Fear crept into my mind.

Was I really kidding myself?


Why do we try at love,

If it never lasts?


So when you fell hard and got down on your knee,

And asked me that question, every girl wants to hear.


I broke your heart into a million pieces.

I stepped all over your dreams.


Your heart was lying there in pieces.

And my feet crunched over the remains.


LIke stepping on broken glass.

I watched as you fell apart.


Trust me, my feet bled.

The shards of your heart, like glass piercing my feet.


But your heart bled more.

I watched as your dreams withered away.


And now I see you, settling for a below average girl.

And a below average house, with a below average job.


All because that day, when I walked all over your heart,

like walking on shards of glass.


Author's Note

Not about anyone... just for fun(:

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Oh my gosh brittany so sad omg!!!! love it thoo :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on November 2, 2012
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