Worlds collide

Worlds collide

A Story by Rose

This is my imagination running wild here so I'm going to make this up as I go.

Kagan leaned upon the lattice, waiting for Glitch to emerge from inside
the house. He held a book close upon his side and his backpack was on
the ground. His friend flung the door open, scaring him. "Lets go, we
need to stop somewhere on our way!" Kagan agreed and stooped down to get
his bag. "Wait up Dreamer." Glitch ran down the stairs with speed,
resulting in him falling. Kagan walked down and grabbed Glitch by the
shoulders, pulling him to his feet. Glitch laughed at the whole scene.
"Did you see that!" Kagan rolled his eyes at Glitch, smirking. The two
of them walked and turned right, towards the outskirts of town. "So,
where we stopping?" Glitch tugged on a strand of his hair and smiled
"You'll see." Kagan shifted Glitch as to steady him. "Yeah right." Kagan
shoved his hands in his back pockets, reciting Bible verses under his
breath. "Hey Glitch? I was wondering if you wanted to join me on my next
mission?" Glitch turned and began walking that way. "You mean it?!"
Kagan nodded taking a hand from his trousers to make a spinning motion,
telling Glitch 'walk forwards'. Complying in some way he faces forwards.
They start running when making it outside town. "I bet we're keeping
the girls waiting, so hurry up!" The boys enjoy the wind on their faces
as they race. Feda jumps when they run past her, she hisses under her
breath at them. Skidding to a stop they walk back without breath. "And
that is what you morons get for running without reason." They roll their
eyes at Feda's sour attitude.

© 2020 Rose

Author's Note

this is a work in progress so please tell me if something doesn't make sense or just tips for making my writing better!

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Added on January 16, 2020
Last Updated on January 16, 2020



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