'' The Witch and the Red Rose ''

'' The Witch and the Red Rose ''

A Story by Dwayne J. Keeves

The adventure of a red rose whose name is Cindy. She has an encounter with a witch from the East, who through her own selfishness placed Cindy under a spell. Now! The race begins to undo the spell.


It was a nice summer day. The sun sat at the peak of the sky while winds raced gently through

a field filled with lilies. Even the grasshoppers leaped across the way as bees came in and out of

honey filled flowers.

One day, as the East Winds beat over the open fields carrying seeds of many kinds in his bosom, he

looked below and said; '' The lilies of this field are ever so beautiful but, the seed of another kind

would make it so gracious ''. The East wind took a deep breath, puffing out his chest, and with a

'' Whoosh '' out blew a rosebud, in the middle of the field.

In time; the dirt covered the rosebud. Soon the rain came giving it water to grow. The rose,

grew, and grew, and grew. 

'' My name is Cindy, '' the rose would say every morning when her petals

opened. The butterflies, and bees all loved the scent of Cindy's sweet nectar.

Fall would soon be on his way and, Cindy along with the lilies would scrap themselves in fast

asleep until spring. At the close of the day as Cindy grew tired, she began closing her bright red

petals to rest when out of the sky came a witch riding on a broom.

'' Something so sweet I do smell. Lilies ! Oh, Lilies! You must tell !” she said as she ran through

the field searching but, the lilies were fast asleep. Finally, as she grew tired of running here, and there

she sat down to rest near a bush.

She huffed, and puffed, and even fanned, gathering her breath when; the sweet smell of candies

and honey filled her large nose. The witch jumped to her feet and turned. There it was.

''Awake! Awake !; she cried to the rose, and with a loud clap of her hands, Cindy's eyes came open.

'' Array of light I do see, now tell me dear rose how did you come to be? '' the witch asked.

'' The East Winds brought me here ! '' replied Cindy.

'' I am glad you made your home here dear. I come this way twice a year, to smell the lilies in the

field while on my way to visit my sisters far away in the North. Now that you are here, I will stop on

my way home to smell the sweetness you give '' said the witch.

'' I am glad you enjoy my smell Miss Witch; '' Cindy said. '' But if you wish to smell me before

winter comes, you must hurry from the North before I sleep.'' The witch gave some thought to what

Cindy said. She gave a big smile as she pulled a small bag from her dusty old coat and began to

cast a spell :

'' Fall will come, then you must wither you say;

But, with a dash of this and a dash of that;

Withering days you shall not see. For sweet

you are, and sweet you shall stay.''

With those words, the witch hopped on her broom, and away she flew. Mounting the winds like the

wings of a nightingale.

The next morning, birds song in every tree as insects of all kinds filled the air. '' My name is

Cindy;'' said the red rose, as her petals opened to a busy new day. The ants that were hurrying,

hurried, even more, The bees that were busy, became even busy. '' Something is strange about this busy

new day ''; said Cindy. She bowed her head to the ground, stopping an ant in his work.

'' Excuse me! Mr. Ant;'' said Cindy. '' But, why do you rush so on a day like today? ''

The ant raised his arms pointing towards the sky. '' Winter is coming, and we must rush! Winter is

coming, and we must run! Run to gather our food; '' replied the ant... And off he ran through the

grass. '' Oh My ! '' said Cindy as she raised her head. '' Busy! Busy ! Busy ! '' said a bee as it zoomed

pass Cindy, landing on a nearby lily.

''Excuse me! Mr. Bee; '' said Cindy. '' But, why are you so Busy! Busy ! Busy ! On a day like

today? ''… '' Winter is coming ! Winter is coming ! Busy! Busy ! Busy ! '' said the bee, and off

he flew. '' Oh My ! '' again said Cindy watching the bee zoom out of sight.

With each passing day, summer would come to an end. All the fun things Cindy loved to do

would to. The sky turned gray with spots of sunshine here and there. No ants, no bees,dragonfiles

or worms, Cindy soon would not see. The grass was not as green. Even the trees dropped their

leaves to the ground.

'' Oh My 1 Oh My ! '' said Cindy, as she watched summer turn to fall, and fall turn to winter.

The North Wind rushed in carrying Jack Frost in his arms. Jack Frost touched trees, flowers, and

grass everywhere . Casting a wintry sleep but, when he touched the bright red petals of Cindy;

Nothing happened !!

'' Oh My !'' Jack Frost said; bucking his eyes. '' What powers do you have that my cold touch

can not cause you to sleep ? '' he asked. '' I have no powers. The witch who lives high in the east

mountains placed me under a spell '' replied Cindy; sadly. '' Oh Me! Oh, My!; A witch! Cried, Jack .

''What can I do to help ? '' he asked. '' I am Cindy the rose. Yes, you can help. You must go to the

North, and tell the witches ( Winter is coming, and Cindy cannot sleep ); she said.

Jack dropped his head and said '' My name is Jack Frost. I am just a boy. The witches in the north

won't listen to a boy .''

Jack Frost thought and thought. He thought so hard until frost dripped from his nose.

Then with a sigh of relief, he leaped into the air. '' Old Man Winter will know what to do ! '' cried

out Jack. In a flash, Jack created a chariot of frost, and two frosty horses to run like the wind.

Cindy gave a smile, wishing him good luck. In a flash, Jack Frost dashed through the sky.

Jack Frost, soon landed on Winter Mountain, far, far away in a land no man has ever walked.

He leaped from his chariot, ran through the icy large doors. There he found Mr. Winter ; ( his father ) ;

cooling his feet by logs of ice. '' Is that you Jack ? '' called out Mr. Winter. His voice rung out like

a giant hammer banging on stone. '' Yes, Father! '' Jack replied.

Jack Frost sat down and told his father everything that had happened.

'' Oh My !'' cried Mr. Winter. '' I have need of visiting the witches. We never had trouble from witches

before .'' Mr. Winter stood to his feet, and they both hurried outside. '' Mount your chariot, Jack!

Go to your red rose . Keep her safe as you can. While I pay the witches a short visit ! '' said Mr.

Winter . With those words, Mr. Winter created a giant bird of ice, and off they flew.

Mr. Winter landed his bird, hurrying to the door where the witches lived. He could hear laughter, and

talking . As he approached; he even smelled good things cooking such as sweet bread or maybe

even, a witch's brew. He knocked on the door with a heavy hand of steel.

'' Any witches in here ! '' he boldly asked. '' Many witches are here ! '' cried out a voice from the

other side of the door. '' Witches from the North, South, East, and West. We even have witches

who lives in between !'' laughed out a witch's breaking voice.

'' Which of us do seek, and who are you that comes this far calling ? '' asked the witch from the North.

In one deep breath, Mr. Winter puffed out his name: '' I am he who chills the air. I am the one who

lowers temperatures from one hundred down to twenty below.

I turn summer rains into midnight snow. My cold winds make witches such as you, run inside

in search of a fire ! '' he explained.

The witches quickly opened the door with a big shining smile. '' Mr. Winter, Oh how nice of you

to call ! '' they all said. Mr. Winter wasted no time telling the witches of his visit.

'' Mother Nature wouldn't be very pleased if she heard of this deed ! '' said; Mr. Winter.

And off he flew on his bird.

'' Oh Dear ! '' cried out the witch from the North. '' Which of you witches has done such a task ? ''she

asked . The witch from the East dropped her head in shame. '' I meant no harm ! '' she replied as she

explained her case.

''Then you must go quickly my sister, and undo the spell ! '' the north witch encouraged.

''Oh Yes, I must! I must! If I don't she will die ! '' said the witch from the east. Away she flew on

on her broom.

By the time the witch reached the field; darkness had already come. Jack Forst had kept Cindy

company, telling her many wonderful adventures he had many, many years but; none like this one.

As they laughed and talked; the witch dashed from the dark silky sky.

'' Hello Cindy! My sweet smelling rose '' the witch said; with a Big, Big smile.

'' Hello; Miss Witch! Cindy replied.

'' Oh thank you for coming, Miss Witch! Smiled Jack.

'' Okay! Said the witch. '' Let me undo this selfish spell '' sighed the witch.

Once again, the witch reached into her dusty old coat; pulling out a small bag and began to speak.

'' Oh sleepless sweet rose of the field

your sleeping days are long past due.

But, with a dash of this, and a dash of

that . Sleep you will and sleep

you must.

For sweet, you are, and sweet

you must stay .''

She kissed the rose, hopped on her broom, and away she flew, mounting the winds like the

wings of a nightingale.

Jack Frost, slowly walked near Cindy. They smiled. '' It's time ! '' said Jack.

''Oh My ! '' said Cindy. Jack Frost gently touched the bright red petals of the rose, and they began

to wither, falling to the ground. '' I will see you next year Jack ! '' said; Cindy as she softly fell

asleep . Jack Frost, jumped on the wings of the night winds and dashed out of sight.

From that day, until this day; the witches made an oath. Never to cast a spell of any kind upon

any kind of flower ever again.

© 2017 Dwayne J. Keeves

Author's Note

Dwayne J. Keeves
I'm learning the features.

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