Is your journey too much for you today?

Is your journey too much for you today?

A Story by Precious Prodigal

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1 Kings 19:7 “…the journey is too great for thee.”

Traveling today sure is different from the way it was before Interstates, turnpikes, and HOV lanes. However, getting in the car and hitting the road still poses some challenges. That was especially true yesterday evening as we began the final leg of our three-week trip by setting the GPS to “Go Home” and heading that way.

We had met with several of the cousins and two of my sisters for some fellowship and an early dinner so it was nearly 5:00 p.m. (Central Time) when we started out. To avoid the really awful traffic between Massachusetts and Virginia, we decided to drive I-84 to I-81. Our plan was to travel about six hours or even a little more before stopping for the night. That way we could be sure we would make it home by late today. It didn’t work out that way.

I-84 from the Pennsylvania state line all the way to Scranton was in very bad condition and poorly marked. It was a struggle for Harry just to keep the car between lines he could barely see and the edge of the road. On top of that, the route was unfamiliar to us, it was dark outside, and we were already tired before we hit that area of bad road. It was also stressful to navigate that strange route when potholes and patched roadway were the norm rather than the exception, and we stopped after just four hours. I can’t remember a time recently when we were so completely exhausted…both physically and mentally.

I was reminded of Elijah on his wilderness journey. He had already traveled about 90 miles running from Ahab and Jezebel. Then he left his servant and traveled another day’s journey into the wilderness. Discouraged, exhausted and ready to give up, he fell asleep under a juniper tree. God sent an angel to minister to Elijah, and the angel acknowledged that the journey was too hard for him. Elijah needed to rest and have nourishment before he could continue.

For those of us who love a prodigal, the journey is sometimes more than we can do as well. There will be periods of rough road, potholes and a path that isn’t clear in the dark. When those times come, it’s important that we remember to take that time apart to rest, to nourish ourselves both physically and spiritually and to remember that we’re on the home stretch…even if we can’t see it in the dark.

A friend of mine who is going through one of those rough patches right now told me this week the one statement she holds close to her heart is, “God’s got this thing!” She’s right, you know. God really does have it under control. There’s no doubt that this journey is a tough one. What you and I can do is remember we have limited energy and strength, and we can be gentle with ourselves. Needing to take a break from your journey doesn’t mean you are weak or unwilling to do what you need to do. It means you recognize your limits. And taking that break and getting some rest will give you strength and renewed energy to continue your journey.

Challenge for Today: Are you facing a rough patch on your journey today? Can you, just for today, stop trying to find a solution and give yourself permission to rest?

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Precious Prodigal
August 19, 2013:
Is your journey too much for you today?
Please “Share” this link to a new Precious Prodigal Blog Post:

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