Ink of Dreams

Ink of Dreams

A Poem by Purab Biswas

"Step into a realm where dreams ignite and words take flight. Let 'Ink of Dreams' enchanting verses stir your soul and paint vivid emotions upon your heart's canvas."


© 2023 Purab Biswas

Author's Note

Purab Biswas
Dear Reviewers,

I am delighted to share with you my poem titled "Ink of Dreams." This piece delves into the profound connection between imagination, dreams, and the power of words. It is my sincere hope that you find this poem captivating and that its lyrical beauty touches your hearts.

As you embark on the review process, I kindly request your insights and feedback on the following aspects:

Imagery: Pay attention to the imagery employed throughout the poem. Does it effectively transport you to the realm of dreams? Are the visual descriptions vivid and evocative?

Emotion: Explore the emotional resonance of the poem. Does it evoke a range of emotions? Do you feel a connection with the sentiments expressed? Consider how effectively the words capture the essence of human experiences.

Flow and Structure: Examine the flow and structure of the poem. Does it maintain a smooth rhythm and pace? Is there a natural progression from one stanza to the next? Any suggestions to enhance the overall structure would be greatly appreciated.

Language and Word Choice: Evaluate the use of language and word choice. Does the poem employ poetic devices effectively? Are there any specific phrases or lines that stand out or require further refinement?

Overall Impact: Assess the overall impact of the poem. Does it leave a lasting impression? Does it resonate with you as a reader? Please provide your thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the piece.

Your valuable feedback will assist me in refining and enhancing this poem further. I am immensely grateful for your time and expertise in reviewing "Ink of Dreams."

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration, and I eagerly await your insights.

Warm regards,

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Added on May 18, 2023
Last Updated on May 18, 2023
Tags: poetry, dreams, imagination, emotions, lyrical, captivating


Purab Biswas
Purab Biswas


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