The Slugs Episode 232 Part 1

The Slugs Episode 232 Part 1

A Stage Play by The Slugs Writer

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Episode 232


In Derek’s flat " Ryan and Jasmine’s bedroom " Ryan’s stood by Rosie’s cot; Rosie lays still in her cot and Ryan looks down at her sadly, picking her up; looking at her, sighing sadly


In the Marketplace with Bronwyn walking; Meg’s stood by the Clothes Stall

Meg " Bronwyn!

Bronwyn looks up at Meg, walking over to her

Bronwyn " Hey, Meg, what’s up?

Meg " I just wanted to thank you for yesterday; it was nice of you to do what you did.

Bronwyn " It wasn’t really me; I just stepped in, it’s my Nan you should be thanking!

Meg " It wasn’t just her, Bronwyn.

Meg sighs sadly

Meg " I’m sorry for what happened"You know?

Bronwyn " It’s okay, not many people want to be seen with me; I know that!

Meg " No, I am, Bronwyn; I"I’m really sorry.

Meg smiles at Bronwyn and Bronwyn smiles back; she continues walk along the Marketplace and Meg sighs; smiling slightly


In Lorna’s Kitchen with Lorna sat down at the table; Imane’s making two cups of coffee

Imane " He did WHAT?!

Lorna " Before I went to see Luke; he made me choose between them!

Imane " Seriously; Rory? That doesn’t sound like him!

Lorna " Exactly; that’s what I"

Imane " BUT"

Lorna " Imane, please don’t"

Imane picks up the Two cups of coffee; placing them on each side of the table

Imane " But I can understand why he’s saying it.

Lorna sips her cup of coffee

Imane " You know what Luke did to him; Rory’s been through hell because of him, and now he’s taking his own Sister away from him!

Lorna " No he’s not taking me away from him"!

Imane " It doesn’t seem like that to me; I’m sorry, Lorna.

Lorna " Well if you think that, then why don’t you just go to the café for breakfast like Rory has?

Imane " Lorna"!

Lorna " No, Imane! No; I don’t want to hear what you have to say, if you don’t want or give me a chance what I have or want to say; I don’t want to hear it!

Lorna stands, picking up her cup of coffee; walking into the corridor, exiting and Imane rolls her eyes, sipping her cup of coffee


In Derek’s Living Room with Derek sat down on the sofa reading the newspaper; he’s watching TV and there’s a cup of coffee in front of him on the table, Amanda enters

Amanda " That Baby"!

Derek " What?

Amanda " Rosie; she’s not"She’s not like my Girls.

Derek " She’s got a Disability, Amanda.

Amanda " Oh"Oh, yeah.

Amanda puts her hand on her head as a tear rolls down her cheek; Derek places the Newspaper on the table and he stands, putting his hands on Amanda’s waists

Derek " Don’t cry, babe; I hate it when you cry.

Amanda " I just feel so guilty"I feel so bad for saying that!

Derek " Don’t worry, everyone would say the same about their Daughter"

Amanda " But she’s not MINE, is she? She’s not my Daughter; she’s Jasmine’s; she’s Ryan’s; not mine.

Derek " What you need is a nice, long rest.

Amanda " No, I don’t; I’m fine!

Derek " No, lay down on the sofa.

Amanda " Derek; honestly"

Derek takes his hands away from Amanda’s waists; taking a cover out from under the sofa; stepping to one side

Derek " Go on then; lay down.

Amanda sighs, sitting down on the sofa; taking her shoes off. She lays down on the sofa and Derek places the cover over her; he picks up the remote, turning the TV off

Amanda " No, Derek; you can watch"

Derek " I’ll go to the café.

Amanda " Derek"

Derek " I’m gonna go to work now; if you need anyone shout for Ryan, yeah? If he’s busy; call me; I’ll be right round.

Derek smiles, turning the light off; exiting, closing the door behind him and Amanda sighs sadly, closing her eyes


In Seva’s Dining Room with Seva sat down at the table on his laptop. Aasha enters

Aasha " Guru"

Seva " Not now, Girl; I’m busy!

Aasha " I just wondered if I could do some coursework or whatever on the laptop, and"

Seva " Use your Brother’s.

Aasha " Ranveer doesn’t even have Word on his; I need Word!

Seva sighs, looking at Aasha

Seva " What lesson?

Aasha " History.

Seva stands, smiling

Seva " Excellent! A perfect, intelligent, beautiful young woman for Mahaan!

Aasha " And who said that I’m going to be Mahaan’s “Woman”?

Seva " Me.

Seva exits and Aasha rolls her eyes; sitting down at the table, opening Google Chrome; she looks at the screen in shock


In the Hallways with Derek walking; Rach enters, walking out her flat, closing the door behind her; she turns, seeing Derek and she smirks as he walks past; she walks in the opposite direction as Derek, exiting


In the café with Bronwyn and Eloise sat down opposite each other at a table

Eloise " I’m actually really glad to see you walking around the area again, Bronwyn!

Bronwyn " What?

Eloise " You don’t care, do you? You don’t care if or how many people hate you.

Bronwyn " No, why would I? People have their opinions; they can be right or wrong; it’s not for me to control!

Bronwyn sips her cup of tea

Eloise " You’re strong, Bronwyn, you know that right?

Bronwyn " No I’m not.

Eloise " Yes, you are!

Bronwyn " If that’s true, then would a Strong Person Cut? Would a Strong Person attempt to kill themselves?

Eloise looks at Bronwyn, sighing sadly

Bronwyn " Yeah; that’s what I thought.

Eloise " I’m just trying to"

Bronwyn " I know! I know you’re trying to support me; you have no idea how grateful I am for that, Eloise; you really don’t, but"I’m not strong.

Eloise grabs hold of Bronwyn’s hand with a smile on her face

Eloise " Together, we can fight this; I promise you.

Bronwyn " But what if you leave me like everyone else?

Eloise " I won’t. I’ll be there for you until the end.

Eloise holds Bronwyn’s hand tightly and a tear rolls down Bronwyn’s cheek. Imane and Rory enter; walking over to the till

Imane " And then she just stormed out the Kitchen in a huff!

Rory " She’s changed.

Imane " It’s what love does to you, Rory; I should know!

Rory " Oh, yeah; because your Love Life turned out great, didn’t it?

Imane " I’ll have you know that me and Jordan; WHEN we were together; a proper couple, we really matched well.

Rory " Yeah, until the Affair.

Imane sighs; she sees Eloise and Bronwyn sat down opposite each other at a table

Rory " Look, I shouldn’t have even opened my big gob about Luke"

Imane looks at Rory

Rory " I’ve made you and Lorna argue.

Imane " No, don’t blame yourself, Rory; none of this is your fault, OK?

Imane smiles at Rory

Imane " Now, get me a coffee, would you?

Imane walks over to Bronwyn and Eloise’s table; she looks at Bronwyn

Imane " We need a catch-up, don’t we?

Bronwyn " Imane"

Imane " I’ll speak to you sometime next week, yeah?

Eloise " Imane it’s fine; I’m taking good care of her, aren’t I, Bronwyn?

Eloise smiles at Bronwyn and Bronwyn nods slightly; looking at Imane

Bronwyn " Yeah; Eloise has been great!

Imane " Good!

Eloise stands

Eloise " Do you want another tea, Bronwyn?

Bronwyn " No, thanks!

Eloise picks up the empty cups; walking over to the till nearby Rory. Imane sits down in Eloise’s seat at the table, opposite Bronwyn

Imane " Look, Bronwyn"

Bronwyn " I thought that I’d be over this by now; this"This lie.

Imane looks at Bronwyn sadly

Bronwyn " This lie about “me” stealing my Nan’s money; I thought that I’d expose Tori by now, but"Right now it just seems"

Bronwyn laughs as a tear rolls down her cheek

Bronwyn " Impossible!

Imane " Then we’ll make it possible; me and Eloise; we’ll make it POSSIBLE!

Imane smiles at Bronwyn and Bronwyn smiles back; wiping her tears. Imane stands and walks over to the till where Rory is; he passes her a cup of coffee and picks another up for himself, they exit and Eloise looks back at Bronwyn and Bronwyn smiles at her; Eloise turns back to the person behind the till with a smile on her face


© 2013 The Slugs Writer

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