The True Nature of Lonely People

The True Nature of Lonely People

A Poem by QuietSeer

Love and Breakup

How can I go back to being alone after I've tasted all the diffrent flavors of love?
How can I ever forget the smell of your skin,
or the smell of your hair when you were close to me?

How can I forget the poetry of your fingertips dancing accross the strings?
Or the brilliant melody that escaped your lips?

How do I forget that sudden wave of dread that fell over me each morning,
just to find you creepily staring at me?

Ok. Maybe I'd like to forget that part...

But how do I go back??

Who will call me one hundred times a day?
Who will force me to keep my home tidy?
Who will stroke my head or rub my back for hours, when I've had a bad day?
Who will stand by me,
And support my descisions no matter how irrational they may seem?

At night I can't sleep.
In the morning I can't wake.
I drag my limp corps around all day.
And everything is one hundred times harder,
as everything reminds me of you...

I suppose I'd better grow accustomed to not having you around amymore.
I suppose I'd spend my winter all alone.
I suppose I'll burn all your pictures,
since I want to forget you.
At least this way you can keep me warm for one last night.

© 2015 QuietSeer

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This resonates with me QS. There isnt anything that will cure this 'condition' but time will make it a less barbed, less painful experience; like an live oyster with a piece of grit, the mind continually coats these memories - yes that will lead to the creation of a pearl which will always be there but comfortably so. It will become a 'pearl of wisdom' .
I like the rebellious and positive ending seasoned with wit which is a great help to getting through this.
I enjoyed this Quiet Seer.

hey i just noticed my review was gone and I was double reviewing this one. How did that happen?

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Hi ANTO, just read your review, much appreciated! Oh, and, love the wordplay.
Haven't had muc.. read more

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