Bullies Do

Bullies Do

A Poem by Quilled_Penman

When bullying takes everything away, you must fight back.


Bullies Do



Ravage me inside out,

Fulfill your very worst,

Take all my innocence,

Treat me as I’m cursed.


Spread untrue rumours,

Do not fear retribution,

Alone I’m your release,

Folded in your solution.


Pound my tender flesh,

I won’t even fight back,

I’m made of gentleness,

If you decide an attack.


Ambush your sentiment,

Shame me stupid online,

Mock me in defilements,

Enjoy the hateful design.


Amass a battering squad,

To fire all the vulgarities,

They’ll laugh with you at,

My human dissimilarities.


Sever off all my dignity,

In your slanderous shots,

I won’t return any blows,

Clad in your bruise spots.


Threaten me while I pass,

Declare you are powerful,

I’ll be your punching bag,

Hurt by a callous grapple.


Strike me if you’re bored,

I’m your easy pray target,

Mercilessly you can reign,

While I keep it our secret.


You’re my painful maker,

Hidden in our plain view,

Anguishing for my mind,

When you cruelly pursue.


Then my backbone grew,

I’d enough this coercion,

Terrified I can be valiant,

Rallied in determination.


My challenge is my fear,

I chase the leader down,

He ran a scared coward,

I sent him to the ground.


His distressed facial look,

Due to my fighting back,

No escape my tormentor,

My fists rage and impact.


His blood pouring down,

With despair in his eyes,

Bullies do cower a lamb,

Humble in their disguise.


His brave gang scattered,

Eroding into a subspecies,

Denying him further help,

I split apart those meanies.


No more trouble hovering,

Life’s totally peachy-keen,

Living for tangible dreams,

Embracing hope I've seen.



Feb-16-2013 by Quilled_Penman©Glen King


© 2013 Quilled_Penman

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Added on February 23, 2013
Last Updated on February 27, 2013
Tags: bullying, fear, bruises, intimidation, dignity, resolve, victory



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello everyone! My name is Glen, but you can call me Hawk. I'm a poet loving what life has graciously given me. I write poetry about scenery, love, pain, and humour. I've been writing for three years .. more..