Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

A Poem by Quinn

This is a poem I just jotted down about my feelings of being neglected in my current relationship.

It's just not right
Having to live this lie
She fakes her smiles
And holds her cries
Wishing she didn't have to say goodbye

Deep down she knows the truth
She is too kind
He thinks she is blind
She sees too clearly
But still she holds him dearly

She wished it wasn't true
All the things they say about you
Can you do me a favor
Has become as exhausting as manual labor

It took an old flame to spark her self worth
She has been neglected
She feels rejected
This man she thought she loved
Has pushed her to the edge with a shove

It may not be today
But soon he will see
She isnt the same as she used to be
Her smile is bright
And her eyes, they have light
Her smile is full and warm
She no longer suffers my harm

What did he miss, what could it be?
Not that old flame
Surley he is not to blame
What is this that has come to birth?
Has he reminded her of her worth?

While he neglected her and paid no attention
This old flame stole her affection.
He reminded her of her beauty
And often complimented her booty
He kissed her with lips so familar
She crumbled inside like a damaged pillar

Her hand he held and affection he gave
She was confused about how to behave
She remembers the standards old flame set
Thers no way he would put in the effort I bet

Many decisions will be made, not by me
He will have to decide on a dark lonely night
I didnt love her as she deserved, do i dare fight
Lay down your sword, this battle is done
You should have showed her you would have won.

Learn from this now if you ever love again
Make her feel loved, sacrifices must be made
Her love for you was deep like double sided blade
It cut her deep and made her bleed
When her love poured out you were absent in her need

You were selfish, your love was self serving
Dont say a word dont shed a tear, her love for you was more than undeserving.

By Quinn

© 2019 Quinn

Author's Note

I know its rough, the grammar isnt perfect, this was just some rough feelings in the moment of hurt

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Added on October 5, 2019
Last Updated on October 5, 2019
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Fort Leonardwood, MO

I am a complicated woman with a horrible past. Writing is my outlet. I am not great at conveying my feelings out loud. So writing helps to alleviate what ales me. more..