The Life We Live

The Life We Live

A Story by RJM Corbet

My own personal philosophy is that we exist in a room of 'nature' enclosed by walls of time within a greater house of 'spirit' which surrounds and contains and permeates nature (by which I mean all that we can perceive, including the stars) but is not contained by nature. 'My Father's house has many mansions.' 

We are like tiny little three-year-old kids in a kindergarden, learning what we have to know to go forward, and protected by walls of time from outside forces we know nothing about and which would destroy us in an instant -- not maliciously -- just as a three-year-old wouldn't last half a day in the city without being hit by a bus or something.

We form groups and nations, religions and sciences, while these great cosmic beings look down on us and watch us, as we play and fight and learn life's early lessons, and graze our knees. It all seems pretty serious and important to us, though. They may sometimes reveal themselves to us, but they don't have to. They're not limited by space and time. They are what we call 'spiritual' beings; they are our own higher destiny.

The walls of the house of spirit are LOVE. But we don't fully understand love. It is the glue of existence. It is what holds everything together as 'one' in the same way that 'time' holds nature together. Physical love is an expression of spiritual love -- the desire to enter 'paradise' by becoming 'one with the all' -- and the knowledge that in fact, we are.

Perhaps there are other, even higher dimensions, that surround and permeate both the spirit and nature.

We don't know ...

© 2011 RJM Corbet

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Added on June 24, 2011
Last Updated on June 24, 2011


RJM Corbet
RJM Corbet

Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

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