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In the Middle of Wrong and Right

In the Middle of Wrong and Right

A Poem by Rachel Joyful

I stand in the middle,

I shift to the right.

But then I step back and I go the the left.

Which one is right?

Which one is wrong?

If I fall, will I be able to hang on?

The left stand for evil,

and the right is for good.

I stand in the middle,

I shift to the right,

but then I step back and run to the left.

I dance on the ground,

I smile and turn around.

I see the fence where I once stood, it seems so distant.

It seems so far.

I glance at it, and then I run, I run to the fence.

Back to the middle.

I jump on the fence but it burns my skin.

I let out a shriek, a scream.

I look at my skin, its burnt and its melting, off my bones.

I scream and I scream.


I don’t understand.

I feel the wind, and it pushes me back.

It pulls me away.

But no!

I want to be back on the good side.

I want to be right.

I scream and I scream and I scream and I fight.

What is the difference, what is the problem,

I just was on the wrong side for such a short time.


I want to go back!

I want to go back!

But the wind pushes me back.

It pushes me back and there’s not way I can fight anymore.

Now I’m laying on the ground, broken and hurt.

Covered with blood, sweat, and dirt.

I wanted to go back, I wanted to go back.

But no, I crossed over and this is where I must stay.

So I cry and I cry.

Because the fight lasted my whole life.

© 2012 Rachel Joyful

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Added on August 27, 2012
Last Updated on August 27, 2012


Rachel Joyful
Rachel Joyful

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