A Poem by Rakerman1


You touched the dream
but didn't know how to hold it

I held the dream
but never felt its touch

You shared a dance
but never heard the music

A tune forever to my heart I'll clutch

The lips you kissed
had been my inspiration

Yet uninspired
you turned those lips away

So funny
but then why am I not laughing...

It's all a bit ironic, wouldn't you say?

You walked beside an angel
but didn't see her

I saw her
but could not be at her side

It wasn't everything
that you had hoped for

But everything
for which I would have died

That old man Fate sure has a sense of humor

And fate it seems
will always rule the day

So funny
but then why I am not laughing...

It's all a bit ironic, wouldn't you say? 






© 2009 Rakerman1

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Oh wow. You do not disappoint, do you? First of all, the style of doom and gloom was pure genius, the satirical, bitter voice behind it all just roped me in ~ beautiful. Also, the message. There is another side of love, isn't there. The hidden voices of the people that the happy-ever-after left behind.

Can't decide on a word to describe this sufficiently (and I call myself a poet?!), but thank you for it anyway.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Have you ever heard Ironic by Alanis Morisette? This poem reminds me of the message in that song a little bit, but your poem is much more serious, thoughtful, even a touch romantic. I can't pick out any favorite lines in this poem, but only because I like them all so much. I get a taste of sarcasm in the irony of the poem, yet the air of seriousness of it all.

Great work, as usual. If your not a published poet, I'm surprised.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on September 28, 2009