A Poem by RastaFlowers

First Love gone wrong.


When they're gone...you feel as if the man is missing from the moon, the sun from the sky
You're destroyed, your broken, pieces of you are everywhere
How can you keep breathing if your lungs are shattered?
How does everything and everyone keep moving around you?
The earth keeps spinning, the grass keeps growing
Why is everything so calm, when the apocolypse just happened?
Your alone... completely and utterly alone
The One person you never expected to hurt you, who promised to never hurt you, just stabbed you in the
back with a piece of your own broken heart
A booboo that a kiss won't cure

At first, you think it's the right decision, to end it
You think that your hurt will leave with the betrayer, but it doesn't
The anger, the screaming, its just hurt's disguise
Love turns to hate, lust turns to disgust,
pain hides behind your broken soul
Your stuck in slow-motion, refeeling the same emotions over and over again

Time limps by...

And the anger and hate has faded, replaced with an aching in your mind, body and spirit
You long for the feeling of being in love, you yearn for your first love's comforting touch

But everything you want.....is gone

For the better??
Thats all you'll think about for a long time


may 28,2008

© 2012 RastaFlowers

Author's Note

These are just samples to get a feel for the site

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I could really relate to this--especially the part when you say the anger and hate is replaced with an aching in your mind, body, and spirit. Great job!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Very interesting

---- John

Posted 9 Years Ago

Sample or not I really enjoyed reading this piece. It was very good.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on March 14, 2012
Last Updated on March 14, 2012



254, TX

Happily in a relationship with a good man and I love him alot. And hes pretty much my life now so I guess that sums it up :) for now anyways Ill write more later, maybe more..


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