A Poem by Rebel Manikin


Suns rays beating, shifting
Through clouds soft surfaces in a haze
No hiding, no shade beneath shadows
As light fades overcast skies
Dews, mists, a cataclysmic pattern
Swirling, ominous, overlapping grays
Swallowed here in sorrows blanket
No anguish in me, to be
Just to be to just let it be
Trees moan and prey freezes
Predators sleep and the world bleeds
Souls swarm, sounds like buzzards screeching
The bell rings, mid winter takes toll upon natures weak
Watching, exhaling slowly,
Sighing to keep from weeping, trying
To keep everything in reason and in rule
Be just to be and just let it be
Beauty in the hand of colorless duty, come
Manifest, survive as you might,
The still of night will come once again, a gifted breath
With a promised end my friend,
My friend there is a beauty to death  
To return again
To be just to be to just let it be 

© 2009 Rebel Manikin

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I hope this poem gets lost in the clouds. F-

Posted 11 Years Ago

I love this:D

Very dark and solemn, but not morbid. It is an honest and a colourful(inspite of your mentioning "colourless" and "grey" to set the dark mood) depiction of life.

The imagery is beautiful and the words you used, adn the way you used them, speak volumes to even the most shallow of readers(shallow as in, those who dont over-analyze like some of us tend to do:s*nervous laugh*)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Great work! Very well written, and I really loved the last part:

"Beauty in the hand of colorless duty come manifest. Survive as you might, the still of night will come once again. A gifted breath with a promised end. My friend, my friend there is a beauty to death. Renewed to returned again, to be just to be to just let it be."

I agree with Tiffany and Jen; great imagery.
Keep up the good work!

Posted 11 Years Ago

"To be just to be to just let it be."
How did you come up with that line? :)
I agree with Tiffany; great imagery.
Your writing is very mature.
I hope I get to that level very soon! :P
Very, very, very well written!!
Keep on writing.


♥Jen Marks

Posted 11 Years Ago

Incredibly vivid! Thanks for sharing, t.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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